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  • Matt, I have a question because I am new at this along with the forum thing as well..... I just purchased a 500 dish kit from Utah, came with all the stuff I need to hook it up..... I am told by the main office that I can take one of the boxes out of the house to use in my RV while camping on the road..... I want to know if this is standard procedure???? Why do I need to send a copy of my RV registration????? Thanks, I have a post in the tech area titled new 500 dish.....
    I got this from a post I did at, Is this on the up and up or bogus.

    Ray C@DISH

    We are aware of this issue and a software update is required. The software you mentioned is the current version for that receiver. I will check with our engineers when this update is available. I hope this helps.

    Ray Calo
    DISH Network
    MATT the system won't let me send a PM to you can you send me a PM with your e-mail or is there another way to contact you
    I have a question for you but, even though I've been a memeber since 2004 I don't have enough posts to send a PM.
    Could you PM me to start a coversation?

    is dish going to care the HD feed of myvlt ch 30 in knoxville tenn . dish cares the sd feed of this ch. now hope they will care the hd of this ch soon . if there going ttoo when will dish
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