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    CBS Detroit Lost Signal Message When 60 Minutes Starts

    SD's simSub policy has also includes local Canadian channels. When I'm in southern provinces (Calgary is my home base) and want to watch City Edmonton, SD switches me to City Calgary and I loose the signal. I noticed this all last winter when I was south. Any station that was showing the same...
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    Understanding the Shaw channel layout.

    Wish you were closer to me. I'm in east Mesa.
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    Understanding the Shaw channel layout.

    You have been given some great advice here. If this does not help maybe take your prv to someone who has a working system. Where is your location in AZ?
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    Did Shaw tell you to do a master reset on the receiver?
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    No signal from F1 or F2 satellite.

    Where are you located in AZ. I might be able to help you out.
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    Shaw Direct trouble hitting second Sat.

    31,162,88 deg is Cochrane"s settings. Which channels are you picking for both sat's?
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    Hardware for Shaw services in Mexico

    Can you explain this process more?
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    shaw direct satellite

    What's your ecbo readings? That 70 reading is pretty low. You need a 75cm dish as showtime said. I might be able to help you out with that if you can wait till Oct.
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    Roku CanadaTV App

    I watch CTV Calgary News at 6. It's not restricted.
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    Roku CanadaTV App

    kc, which feed are you referring to?
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    Roku CanadaTV App

    I don't know of anything but I watch CTV news in Calgary on line. I wish I could get CBC Heartland on line then I could drop my ShawDirect altogether.
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    Palm Desert Ca

    Always peak to the HD channels on F2. The F1 channels will always be higher. My dish is in Mesa AZ and I get 6.5-6.9 db for most HD channels.
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    shaw direct

    Is the LNB down here the same as Canada? If it is just tune to 299. I assume you had the 505 running in Canada. You can PM me if you like I'm not that far from you.
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    Activating a 600 Receiver

    Thanks DJ but I found out you just tune to 299 with the old LNB and 252 on the new LNB.
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    Activating a 600 Receiver

    What channel do you set a 600 receiver to when first activating? Thanks in advance.