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    FREE C and Ku Band Dishes. Moving

    my wife says ok, i am handicaped and use a scooter, but my daughter also lives in brockton, about 3 blocks from brockton hosp. how soon do u need it removed, my cell # ***-***-****
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    FREE C and Ku Band Dishes. Moving

    where in mass, i am in breaintee
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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    thanks brian, have got stuff from you, had operator error problems, called you, and in minutes you straigtened my old brain out, could not ask for better support, keep up the good work.
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    Retrofit My Radioshack Dish Onto My KTI Mount

    hi john, i hope u made it thru that nasty tornado today on the cape, i had some larger tree limbs come down and they took 2 guy wires down off my tower in brewster, plus some smaller trees, tom
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    Internet Connection Issues

    just did sda_ setup, almost worked, if u right click on ecryption key, it will bring up new line asking for " hex" or "ascii" i used -ascii - to enter key code, then arrowed up and changed "ascii" to "hex" then ok and yes, works. using mio with tnap , if using wlan u get one ip address, if...
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    Internet Connection Issues

    primestar31, u mention about loading a file for the wireless function on the mio, could u explan better on how to do it, new to e2 box, but ok with win 10 , thank u.
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    Internet Connection Issues

    no john, no setup in brewster, too many inlaws and outlaws and other family using for summer, have to book myself in the calender in december fot time in augest and september, if i am lucky .
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    Internet Connection Issues

    thank u john, will have to stopby on my way to brewster this summer.
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    Issue Loading SatDreamGR NA Into My Edision Mio 4K

    morning all, followed primestar31 directions per post # 26 , all worked ok, still no wireless, there is a post for that, when i learn more about lenux i will try, but mow it is hardwired to the router, thanks all . error post # 29 not 26
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    GONE Free to a good home: Titanium Satellite C1-PLL C-band LNBF

    i dont know how to pm, cant find it in the menu,
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    Internet Connection Issues

    ok primestar, yes i am hard wired to my router and i have gone into time settings and set up ,us east, and nps time , works good them at random the time and date change, staying on same trans and channel, but it will also do this at random with the unit shut off via the remote.
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    Internet Connection Issues

    same problem here, have green lite under wlan, but doint test wlan it fails wireless connection, ip address and nameserver, hard wire lan connection works ok. using os mio 4k , image is openvix, , ps also the time on the mio changes at random as well as the date, jfok u say u r on cc...
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    Mio Boot Help!

    thanks to all, followup, thanks to elbandido, sda and especially brian, with brian on the phone , sloved issue, sone how thru a bad file, some bits corrupted the slots 1 and 2, after teaching me to axcess and change them , is is now working, i can only say buy from brian, i would not get the...