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    got a letter from sirius

    Anyone want to play Monopoly?
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    Can I get D*?

    Last April I purchased D*. When the installer arrived, I was told that I would not receive a good enough signal because I did not have an unobstructed SW view facing 210 - 240 degrees. I had a second installer tell me the same thing a week later. Last November my next door neighbor had D*...
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    Blocking Channels from the guide

    So there is no way to keep my son from reading titles on the user guide like Nude Girls in Heat, Butt Bunnies, Bangin' Black 2, Double Penetration, etc?
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Welcome from Ohio Found this site from the Motley Fool boards. I am in the process of a basement remodel. I am ready to purchase not only a satelite system (i'm sick of cable), but a couple of HDTV's. This looks like a great site to learn about both of these topics.