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  • We have the hopper3 and western arc LNBs. We travel back and forth between the west and east coast, currently on east coast at the Naval Weapons Station Goose Creek, SC. While on the east coast we would like to us the eastern arc sats. I have the 1k.2 dish and ordered the eastern arc LNBs which I received yesterday.

    Are there any installation changes other than the LNBs and sat locations?
    I received an email from DISH last week about adding Cinemax to my account for $1 for 6 months. When I contacted Online Chat, I was told that net effective price would be higher because I currently have HBO & SHO bundled, not $27 like I was expecting ($26 HBO/SHO + $1 Cinemax). Can you confirm that this is correct?

    Account: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PIN: xxxx
    Help! have super dish antenna, hopper with sling receiver, need to know what LNB/LNB'S and node to use? 4 Cables from antenna to distribution center, two TV hookup.
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