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    A few questions about Dish Pause

    I paused for about 2 months. Tried Youtube TV. Realized I didn't miss dish and ended up canceling. The picture on YTTV is just as good if not better, but the sound is inferior to Dish.
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    Hello rapidturtle. I just recently subscribed to YTTV and I have stuttering with all Fire devices (Cube 2nd Gen, 4k Firestick). Using my Sony TV app Android 8 there are virtually no issues. My Apple TV 4K has the smoothest playback. I just recently brought a Roku Ultra 2019 and it works almost...
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    54.0 Remote coming

    Hi, thanks Charles, I missed that :)
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    54.0 Remote coming

    Hello I found this online: 2027 EchoStar 54.0 Brisbane Voice Remote 2017 User Manual DISH-54.0-QSG-DNXXXXXX-20170403 copy Universal Electronics Inc
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    2 Hopper3 possible?

    Yeah, I also want 2 H3's. :)
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    Why no H3 for me?

    Hopefully :amen But I also asked for Two (2) H3's, lol. I currently have Three (3) H2's. I'm in no real rush to upgrade.
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    Why no H3 for me?

    I called the Tool Exception Department and they told me I could not currently get a Hopper 3 because it cannot see Sat 77. They told me they would send me an email when they had a solution.
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    Recording issue...

    it happens with me also quite often very annoying
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    Hopper with Sling S514 Update

    :)I have 2 HWS and regular Hopper. 1 HWS has been updated to 514 and the regualr Hopper to 446
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    Dish having transmission issues?

    I'm in NY also been losing signal since about 7 EST...seems stable now