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    Can I Mount A Dish Brand Dish on A Directv Mount That Was Installed In 2012?

    5 years ago Dish mounted on a DirecTV pole. The installer said he was NOT to do .... but if it is OK with me, he'd do it. So far so good. Later we upgraded to the Hopper 3. Hope this helps
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    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    23 years. Started when I purchased a 3000 and a 4000, along with an install kit. I think it was about $800. The 3000 was an IR only and 4000 had a UHF remote. Then the 501 which had a DVR and NO monthly charge. Then ... and, and, and...... you get the idea. CharlieChat was a monthly must.
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    How to copy Wally recordings to a new Hard Drive

    Not so much about size vs procedure. On Hoppers, or any other system with a built in hard drive, you can move from external to Hopper to new drive. I've done this a couple times and currently moved from a 2 TB to 4 TB on the Hopper. My Wally has a 1 TB and I want to upgrade to the 2 TB. But...
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    How to copy Wally recordings to a new Hard Drive

    Is there any way to copy from one hard drive to a larger drive. I only want one drive. Thanks
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    Dish wally compatible dish?

    When we boondock we have problems after a couple days. A couple tricks I use is move / rotate the Tailgater and start over. Sometimes this fails. I live in norther CA near CA/Reno NV. So I will other locations including Southern CA and NV. Most times this will do the trick. Over all it's a...
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    New Software: Hopper Duo (U990), Hopper 1 (....), Hopper 2 (....), Hopper 3 (....), Wally (....)

    936 is a pain. I was recording / watching multiple college games on Saturday. Watching / scrolling from game to game. Then I'd go back to "game @1" and want to RESUME, Nope!!! have to start over. No RESUME button during the recording process. Will this be fixed ?? How do I go back to the...
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    Free Previews Discussion Thread - June 2020

    I appreciate your listing. Now I'm looking forward to July's Freebies. Thx, mphca - Grass Valley, CA
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Go Cardinal (crazy trees)
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    How to watch PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in 4K HDR

    Enjoying the Olympics on 147-5 / 540. I had an issue where the video on 4K was black, but with sound. I tried rebooting with the same results. To fix it, I paused the other Olympic channel I was watching using "SWAP" in HD. (I think of it as the A and B side from days ago). I figure there was...
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    SSD on 211

    My 211z EHD was NOT compatible with my new Wally. But the new software on the Wally will work with less than 3 satellites. Anyone want to buy a 211z??
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    New Equip - Wally

    Just joined tonight. I've been with DISH for 20 years, starting with the old 3000 and 4000 receivers. Now I have a Hopper 3 and a pair of Joey 2's. Separately, I have a 211z and Tailgater. I want to migrate to a Wally. I just finished talking with DISH to verify that the new Wally's will work...