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    Use Roku with Dish credentials?

    As a dish customer, I sometimes use my windows 10 laptop to stream fox sports and NBCSN to my tv by HDMI cord. I have a 722k with no sling. Can I use a Roku with Fox and NBCSN apps and log in with my Dish credentials to free up the laptop?
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    RabbitEars Search Map Enters Public Beta

    Don't get me wrong, I like the new public Beta. Wish may go to 26, but has not been granted that right. The two channel sharing still show as there original channel numbers in a scan. I have always tried to help update changes in the two different areas I receive in. When I pulled up my area and...
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    RabbitEars Search Map Enters Public Beta

    According to Rabbitears, Wish-tv's move to 26 is pending. Wudz-Ld move to 6 is not listed. The two that moved to channel sharing, are not listed, Wndy-tv and WCLG-Tv.
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    RabbitEars Search Map Enters Public Beta

    Many flaws in Indianapolis repack post.
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    Tegna is buying WBNS TV in Columbus, OH from Dispatch group

    They also bought WTHR Indianapolis, IN.
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    WNIT 34

    Added PBS Kids network on 34.3, 1080i, 16x9. Channel 34.4 is Kids in 480i, 16x9.
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    VIP 722k to Wally

    Would the 211 series see the content on the hard drive?
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    VIP 722k to Wally

    My 722k is on it's last leg. If I buy a powered hard drive to transfer my saved movies, will a wally after being authorized for a hard drive, recognize the movies that have been transferred?
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    Radar channel 33.2

    Court TV is one of them, according to Court tv website.
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    WBND-LP is off air

    Trip, I checked FFC correspondence, there is nothing saying why. You know anything about it?
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    722 Rebooting On OTA Channels?

    Yes, my 722k with module is rebooting about 2 times a week when left on a OTA channel. The channel is very strong and this has been happening for about 2-3 months.
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    MPEG2 Receivers being swapped to MPEG4 in these DMA's

    Scott, is there a Dish time frame to convert to MPEG4 and eliminate the 129 satellite? What date?
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    Dish Wally DUAL Tuner

    According to post #10, a hybrid tuner is not required for two tuners, which is right?
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    Dish Wally DUAL Tuner

    Does the Wally with dual tuner and hard drive require a hybrid lnb? Or will all the dual tuner and hard drive features work with the my DP+ and side dish?
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    any chance for a new dual tuner ota dongle?

    Is the new and latest OTA adaptor the one with the cooling holes or the one like the air adaptor?