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    Why Charge! TV network's video little jumpy?

    Watching CHiPS TV show, I noted the video was little jumping up and down. Not sure If is it from our local station KASA-DT on rf ch. 27 remapped to fake channel 33.1 or coming off the satellite feed? Do you have similar problems in other TV markets? :rolleyes: Thanks!:hatsoff
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    Tv in Tucumcari, NM

    As far I know you are in Albuquerque's TV market DMA areas. However, you can try with high gain OTA outdoor antenna. You might get tropo ducting which is some what pretty common in far Eastern NM areas. Used to go to college in Portales "ENMU" and sometime I get Lubbock and Amarrio and little...
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    KTFA-LP still alive with test card in ABQ, NM

    This station KTFA-LP still transmitting on old ch 48 TV band in post transition sending in old analog NTSC signal!:eeek The signal is very weak about, P1 to 2 pictures quality. Someone's forgot to shut the transmitter down. This simi rouge station has been sending test card for gosh who...
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    New streaming service called PLEX

    Is the movies uncut with the ads? Same goes for Closed Captioning too... :hungry
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Just pig out baby!!:biggrin
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    More I think is most likely is a long path from PBS's uplink station in VA to 125W* due to a atmosphereric conditions depending on the weather patterns. Same time Montana's PBS station has better uplink shorter path and better upper line of sight in the sky than in PBS in VA. If I was the boss...
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    Edision OS Mio 4K TNAP Ver. 2

    I am on kernel 4.20.0 on my mio 4k, so is safe to upgrade to TNAP V.2?:) If so I can't wait to see the new software release!:hungry
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    The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

    Do they have Blue Ray versions for season 1-3?:)
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    KASY-DT is running on STA at 41 KW ERP

    Just found out that our local station KASY-DT has filed to FCC yesterday for STA. To run low power at 41KW ERP. Must some kind of tech, issue problems.:rolleyes:
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    Can the internet handle streaming?

    The best way to live video streaming is via radiowaves!:bounce No servers overloads on OTA and DBS, FTA satellite freqs, bands. That's why internet video streamings don't do well on overload. Can you think if the Super Bowl live broadcast was streaming only on internet, no OTA, DBS, FTA...
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    My is 1.1 M dish here in ABQ, NM Now just getting PBS Montana.:rolleyes:
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    I noted the same thing too, lost the main PBS cores channels. They must be running low power on tech issue or some QRM, issue?:rolleyes:
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    Pluto to add local 24/7 CBS local news from WCBS-DT and KCBS-DT

    Starting tomorrow and not only that they will add more CBS's programmings in the future!:) Let's hopes they show Star Trek Discovery on Pluto free services package sooner the better.:hungry
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    Dead Ku-band LNB

    By any chances of getting universal PLL LNBF? Sorry to bump in, just curious.:redface
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    Do you remembered that day the Berlin wall can down on C and Ku back in 1989?

    Must be quite a party in Berlin back in 89!:everybodydance