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    Intelsat extends life

    That's where we should be helping the old bird with new refreshing life. And the space droids should able to clean up the space junk sooner the better. :) Hopefully things will get better get the job done!:hatsoff
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    FlightAware Dongle for ADS-B

    I have a little silly question, what mode is best to receive ADS-B? NBFM or AM? :hatsoff Still trying to get ADS-B software to work with my RTL dongle. Working 2 different software's to work together in a window 10 world is tricky.:p
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    Star Trek: Picard

    The Picard's Star Trek shows keeps getting better! Keep up the good work!! :clapping :) Way much better than G-rated TV shows of the past.:hatsoff
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    Star Trek: Picard

    Seven by Nine, still good looking as ever!:biggrin
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    KSMO-TV adds Cozi TV & Circle to channels 62.4 & 62.5.

    We have this same problem here in Albuquerque's TV market. We got 3 H&I and 3 Movies! and 3 Antenna TV networks. It's a mess over here... :confused: :p
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    Is GeoSat PLL universal Ku still the best in the market?

    Thanks, CN!:hatsoff Look pretty much answer my question for the time being. :)
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    Is GeoSat PLL universal Ku still the best in the market?

    Need to replace my universal Ku LNBF that is broken and replace with new PLL universal Ku band LNBF. Is GeoSat PLL universal Ku LNBF still the best in the market for the performance? Plan to order it in a next few days. :) :hungry
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    Antenna for "Flat Earthers"

    Their brain is a size of peons!:nana
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    Star Trek: Picard

    I am a happy camper and enjoying the top rated Star Trek Picard and Discovery!! Bring it In more baby!! :bow :clapping:hungry
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    Fathest North USA Earth Station

    As long they, stay south of Artic circle to get the equator birds.:)
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    Chips on Charge

    Our local station KASA-DT rf channel 27 remapped fake channel 33.1. The aspect ratio is fine here, but however it's juggling it up and down and the video is bit starved in 480i world.:p CHiP TV show is so cheesy almost 40 years and looks pretty bad for ultra low G-rated programs.:p
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    Little ugly dish

    Well, they all look sexy to me not ugly!! Fine looking dishs.:biggrin
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    Chips on Charge

    Cool did not know that!:)
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    Bad News for C Band from the FCC

    I think Pai, a FCC commissioner getting getting carried away by this stupid 5G thing! :rolleyes: :mad:
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    Star Trek: Picard

    I think Star Trek Picard and Discovery, is way much better than the old show that was heavily restricted by the program's contents is the dumb FCC's censorship board.:rolleyes: I am enjoying the new and better Star Trek shows and looking forward to the new episodes tonight! :hungry :clapping