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    Signal Strength

    signal Not sure if i am the exception. I am about 400 miles from you but my lowest signal strength on any sat on any transponder is 89. most are in the upper 90's with a bunch at 100%. You are closer to the sat's than I am so a good alignment should eliminate any 70's you have (assuming a...
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    Tuners are not the issue The software on the hr-21 (hr-20) is what keeps you from recording more than 2 shows. So adding 2 more tuners to the HR-21 won't let you record anymore than when you had the original two. The HR-20 has four tuners and can record 2 shows at once. I don't recall them...
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    Who's on Top & Who's on the Bottom

    Top Mine is on top, just easier that way. Though it looks a little funny since it is just a little bigger than the hr-21, so now it looks top heavy. You think they could manage to make them the same size...
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    NESN HD Questions

    I am glad to say NESN has been a 24/7 station for a few years. (now that doen't mean all shows are in HD, since some were made before HD existed like Sox classic games, they show up pillarboxed with NESN HD pillarboxes like the ones ESPN uses.) But the majority of shows are HD and all the games...
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    Beta Video On Demand

    I think you missed the point of my post. I understand that you pay for 4X faster downloads than I do. And with everything BUT VOD you are getting 4X faster downloads than I do. However your 45 minutes to download a 2 hour program is 37.33X faster than my 28 hours to download a 2 hour program...
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    Beta Video On Demand

    My connection is fine. I can download files on my laptop with good speed. My Connection consistantly tests at 1.5 mbps (which is the speed I pay for)... So it should take me 4 times longer to download than you on any given day. So 7 hours for a 30 min program seems wrong. I also get non...
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    Beta Video On Demand

    Should have an option for have VOD but it takes 8 hours to downloand a 30 min show over a 1.5Mbit connection. :eek: Really I set it up to download 7 shows last night and this morning, it still was working on the first one... (Hooked up wired through a lynksis router)
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    Very Disappointed

    Acctually DirecTV leases follow the template for all real leases. If you lease something like a car or an appartment you are almost always required to put some money down. You are locked into paying for that service for a set amount of time, almost all leases will NOT allow you to swap out for...
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    HD Channel List: Dish Network vs DirectTV

    In my opinion that definition would mark a majority of stations blue. Few channels are in 100% true HD all the time... And in reality most show some older shows that were recorded before the advent of HDTV, so they can not be "true" HD, they have to be remastered upconverts. Those stations do a...
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    HD Channel List: Dish Network vs DirectTV

    Just a quick note. NESN is listed with D* as an upconvert channel. I am not sure what your criteria for that is, but All their Sox and Bruins games are in true HD. Also all their news/ original programming is in true HD. There are some shows in up convert like clasic Sox games (played before...
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    Anime DOD

    Nobody has heard anything? Or am I the only Anime fan out there:o
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    Anime DOD

    I have noticed that some programs are avaliable from Anime Network on the DOD. However there is no channel associated with it (it says Anime 18** ,can't remember channel number, but that DOD channel does not exist) Was wondering if anyone knew if this was going to become a full DOD channel or...
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    Questions: Poor Picture Quality & Getting Out of 24-month Commitment

    Mpeg 4 Vs Mpeg 2 I case you are not aware D* currently broadcasts HD channels in two different formats. ESPN, TNT, HBO (just regular HBO not the others), HDNET, and a few others are on highly compressed mpeg2. All the new HD stations like Smithsonian and FoodHD are in mpeg4. The going...
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    DOD Operational in hr-20-100

    As of this morning I had a new firmware update. I now have functioning DOD!
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    New HR20-100 Firmware?

    Got Mine Got my update this morning on my -100 I now have VOD! Didn't look to see if anything else though