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    FOX43 in PA constantly glitching.

    OTA and Dish are fine. A co-worker with Direct was just complaining about this past Sunday nights football game being unwatchable. Jumps and pixelation every 60 seconds. I tried contacting Fox43 over a year ago regarding their OTA guide data on Dish Network and never got a reply. When you...
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    OTA Adapter

    Order it delivered to a family member or friend then have them forward it to you via the postal service.
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    Lowest Dish Programming Package

    Welcome Pack is $29.99 including locals.
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    Pre Amp Issue/Suggestions

    I don’t think any amp will help. You can not amplify what is not there.
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    Pre Amp Issue/Suggestions

    Something seems odd with both of the TVfool reports. Both reports are horrible and show virtually no signal at either location. There is no way any preamp would overload on either report. Also the report for your brother shows the antenna at 40 feet above ground level. Is that correct? Try...
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    Dish Wally as a DVR.hhat

    You can also add the OTA antenna adaptor for 2 more tuners.
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    Dish Network Locals - Hopper and Wally

    I’m not sure Jacksonville is gone from 77. The unlink from 8/7 shows it removed and added at the same time with a channel number change?
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    OTA Adapter

    Neither, your answer is in post 4.
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    ClearStream TV Wal-Mart Clearance

    Just an FYI. Saw these on a clearance end cap at Walmart priced at $54 a few weeks back. Shortly thereafter it went to $35 and now $25. I picked one up tonight to check it out. Stores around me all have 2-5 units in stock and none are selling. These will likely end up in the $5-$10 range...
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    Announcing the Orby TV Self Installation Kit

    I did not purchased the kit, but the top of the order page states “Free Shipping” on all orders.
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    Announcing the Orby TV Self Installation Kit

    I would say $85 is a very fair price as well.
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    Wally RV Problems- Software Update?

    Can you post the link to the RV forum thread? I wonder what antennas they are using?
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    Using a cat6 cable to run an extension

    Some of those HDMI over cat6 converters are one direction. Check each end for a “send” or “receive” label.
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    What is Locast

    I am registered so I logged out and back in and it’s working again. Thanks