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    Curious question. Would having Spectrum Choice streaming count as having cable?

    I know that Apple TV, Roku and others will let you stream ABC, NBC, CBS Fox and other cable channels via their apps if you have a cable or satellite subscription. They ask you to indicate your provider and then text you a authorization code once it is verified.
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    Regional sports channels

    I like what Dish is proposing to Altitude but they will never accept it.
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    Anybody know what happened to Looked like they were there yesterday but gone today?
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    Dish /T-Mobile

    My 55+ plan with T-mobile as been great going on three years now. Over they years I had all three carriers and they all have a terrible signal in my neighborhood. AT&T and T-mobile gave me cell spots (microcell equipment). Also wi-fi calling makes it not a big deal.
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    Today was my last day as an AT&T employee

    Good luck Bob! It seems to me that since the recession of 2008 nobody is safe. I worked over 30 years in local government, loved my jobs, got great reviews. Then all of the sudden I was 58 years old and was apparently making to much for the newer generation of bean counters taking over. I was...
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    New Symbol on DIRECTV signal strength screen

    AT&T washing their hands of DirecTV.
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    It's been fun...

    Tony, yes the time comes for all of us. I remember your posts and advice from many years ago when I was with Dish. I dumped DirecTV two year ago this month and went back with cable. I was so thankful yesterday when we got 14 inches of snow, I didn't have to go out and sweep off the dish! I am...
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    Dayton WHIO 7 Transmission Problems

    Why would they use Cleveland over Cincinnati? Cincinnati is only 50 miles away. Columbus is closer also. Or is the Cleveland station owned by the same company as WHIO? BTW, used to watch Uncle Orrie on WHIO growing up in Cincy. We could get all the Dayton stations with a rooftop antenna.
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    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    I got a $1.80 refund from Comcast. Did DirecTV give out any? Funny also the AG's office says Dish has no regional sports fee. Is that true? Do they just bundle it in the package price?
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    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    Altitude's side of things.:crying:blah Matt Hutchings on Altitude Sports & Entertainment Television Dispute - Altitude Sports
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    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    Nuggets (Kroenke) made a deal to show the home opener on KTVD Channel 20 OTA. I also see Coor's and Budweiser made some sort of deal to carry games in local sports bars. Altitude TV to allow businesses to stream Avalanche, Nuggets games
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    Why is my cable not working?

    About 1981, when I had Televents cable, my neighbor went to the box in his back yard, pulled it straight up and the case came off. Then he unscrewed all of the filters and put the box back in the ground. We had free everything for several months. Never did hear if he got in trouble for that.
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    Why is my cable not working?

    Televents was bought by Jones Intercable, then TCI then AT&T which later turned into Comcast. I may have this out of order because I had satellite for 20 years.
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    Why is my cable not working?

    That is the same one I had in 1981 with Televents cable.
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    Comcast increases Broadband speeds

    My download speed went up a few weeks ago. I pay for 150/5 and now get 208/6. I wish they would rase the upload speed more.