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    Dish Programming Changes

    I came home today and turned on channel 276 which was Gaither TV. Now it has other programming on it. I chatted with Dish and they wanted to argue that nothing had changed. I told them I was watching the channel and it had infomercials on it. I got frustrated and left the chat. Is there any...
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    History and Biography Channels In The Clear?

    How can I manually scan these two channels. I have a Fortec Star Mercury II receiver.
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    The Church Channel

    Is anyone having trouble with sound on the church channel. I can barely understand what is being said.
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    The Family Friendly Entertainment channel

    Just sent it off. Thanks
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    The Family Friendly Entertainment channel

    Is anyone having trouble with GMTN. I get the station id but there is nothing on it.
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    Gospel Music Television Network Moving to Galaxy 19

    gospel music tv For a few days I have not been able to get Gospel Music TV. I get a blue screen with a message about technical difficulties. Is anyone else having trouble.
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    I scanned that transponder and it came up on my system too. According to their website they had said to watch out for them sometime this week on glorystar. That will make my Mom very happy as she loves to watch the music channels. Thanks for sharing.
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    old skyangel receiver

    I did not go with sky angel iptv. Could I call dish and have the receiver I used changed over as a second dish receiver on another tv or is that even worth the effort. It is a receiver I paid for originally for the sky angel only. I have dish network now also so I took down the old dish and...
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    Installer says GloryStar system won't work!!!

    If I can get my system up and going anyone can do it. I had less trouble getting it to work than I did with sky angel when it was done. The co ordinates were right on the money and when I hooked my cable to it, picture was there with very little fine tuning to be done. Was the easiest I have...
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    heaven vision televisin on galaxy 25

    Say thanks to all of you for replying. Got the channel up and learned how to scan for transponders. Feel sort of stupid to keep asking all these questions but this fta is new stuff for me.
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    heaven vision televisin on galaxy 25

    I added this channel but there is no picture. Has this channel been added yet?
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    Glorystar Reviews?

    I am enjoying the glorystar setup. I have taken pointers from the forums and learned how to add channels that dont scan in. I too wished Liberty Channel was on it but guess they dont want to broadcast free. I wrote them and they said they were on another amc satellite and didnt have plans to...
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    Glorystar delivery

    Got the glorystar satellite put up and it is working. I do not see safe tv though. Is there something I need to do to get it.
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    Glorystar delivery

    Got the glorystar satellite yesterday and we are going to try and put it in today. Will keep you posted on how it goes.