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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    Just got the email too. It's so confusing with 3 different apps for HBO. I'll probably do the 7 days trial to see what HBO Max offers.
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    SLING TV gives America free 14-day 'quarantine offer'

    Of all the streaming services that I've tried, Sling was the worst as far as video quality. I've tried DirectvNOW, YTTV, Hulu, Sony VUE and of course Netflix, HBOGO and Showtime. Good pricing and I like their programming structure but I can't see myself watching SLING for every day TV. Currently...
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    Xfinity streaming

    What channels do you get for $10? Locals? I have their streaming box which has Netflix and Amazon Prime, it's pretty good but I also have YouTube TV which they don't have on their box.
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    New Symbol on DIRECTV signal strength screen

    Needs a Tech for aiming?
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    DirecTV Now Price Increase

    They have no clue on what to do with all their TV services. Now, they're also trying to sell Directv. ATT bought Directv just to destroy the customer base and now they want to sell it? Sigh!
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    No Dolby Digital here either. FireTV 4k stick. The guide for YouTube TV though, it's freaking huge. What's up with that? They really need to work on that guide. Sent from my SM-G975U using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    Does YouTubeTV have Dolby 5.1 for live TV? ATT Now has it so this would be a deal breaker for me with YTTV.
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    The Future of DirecTV, DirecTV Now, Uverse TV & HBO

    I'd like to add that beIN Sports is currently not carried by Directv, Uverse nor Directvnow.
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    DirecTV Now Price Increase

    And the page has been removed!
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    AT&T Jan 30 8k

    It was expected. They stopped giving promotions to new subscribers and they knew they were going to lose subscribers. I actually thought it would be higher.
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    Two receivers same network?

    How are you connecting the two routers? My understanding is that receivers have to be on the same network. You should use the same SSID and disable DHCP on the old router.
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    After 24 hours with DirecTV now...

    And Dolby Digital is now on. I turned it on today and it seems to be working just like it does on the FireTV.
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    After 24 hours with DirecTV now...

    I think it will. I'm currently getting Dolby D on my FireTV with Directvnow so I think it'll be coming.
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    After 24 hours with DirecTV now...

    I’m currently testing the “little android box” and I must say it hasn’t been a very stable device. Kept rebooting on its own, turning on the TV in the middle of the night and not finding the wireless network when turning it on. I stopped testing it for now but may try it later when they fixed...
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    Because I have Directv AT&T gave me unlimited data

    I know that people that subscribe to DirectvNow were getting unlimited data with their Internet service from AT&T but this is the first time I hear that unlimited Internet also applies to Directv subscribers.