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  • Hello Ray, I am not sure this is a PM to you or not. I need a little help from the dirt team and will give you the information you need when you respond that this is the proper way to contact you.

    Hello Ray,
    I am a long time Dish customer and have question for you about getting my dishes re aligned. I had some roofing work done and one or both dishes (chimney mounted) were loosened up and maybe taken completely off and reinstalled. I am not sure the proper way to PM you so if this is wrong let me know . I will also give you my account info when I am sure about the PMing parts.
    Hello Ray - one of my VIP 722K receivers is having major issues. My screen says no signal detected. When I reset or unplug the power it shows starting up. Yesterday, it just stayed on that. Today the same thing is happening but it is jumping from starting up to no signal detected. I need to get a replacement as soon as possible. Can you help me with this? Thanks! Mike Ramsey
    Hi RayC - I have not had the need to PM a DIRT member since the website re-design. Is THIS how I now PM you?
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