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    dish and the RSN's

    For $23/month it better be ALL channels and games without blackouts and ALL out of market games.
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    New uplink: HBO and Cinemax back in testing on Dish!

    That’s why I’m glad I paid a little more for my AppleTV 4K. Picture on all apps is great. Plus I’ve got it tied on my internal network to my PC where I’ve got over 6.5TB of movies and TV shows in iTunes.
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    Considering the Move to Dish Network

    I’ve got 3 wireless Joey’s that connect to my Hopper. They work quite well.
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    Did anyone get one of these emails or is it a scam?

    Looks like a phish to me. Every time I log into my dish account it is always at NOT (notice the dot between my and dish).
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    OTA Adapter

    I bought the antenna linked below. I installed it indoors, just sitting on top of my armoire. Works great. Picks up channels 36miles from my house. 1byone Outdoor Antenna I’ll warn you that the Hopper’s OTA tuner isn’t as good as my TV’s tuner. In Indianapolis, here’s what I get: Hopper -...
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    Dropping Locals for OTA

    I currently have an OTA module for my Hopper and it is picking up all the local channels I want. If I drop the $12 locals from my Dish service, will the EPG info go away, or will dish still provide the EPG data?
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    OTA Module not working?

    Have the same antenna, which hasn’t moved, already connected to TV. Works fine. I’ll reboot the Hopper in the morning. My wife is watching her shows and would kill me if I rebooted during them...
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    OTA Module not working?

    Has anyone’s OTA module quit working today? My Hopper recognizes that there is a OTA module attached, just scans no channels.
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    Seeking comments on Hopper-series DISH receivers

    If you have good OTA reception at your house, you’d be well served by getting an OTA module for the Hopper. This will add OTA DVR capability without using your satellite tuners and will let you watch locals when/if (heck, who am I kidding... when) Dish has a dispute with your local TV provider(s).
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    Nexstar, DISH Network reach multi-year agreement

    Now I need about 15 Ibuprofen after reading that Wiki entry... made my head hurt!
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    OTA EPG issues

    It’s on the data stream that they send. It’s similar to the info that shows up when there is a local channel dispute.
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    OTA EPG issues

    So, I bought a better antenna and can now pick up a crap ton of local channels with my Hopper. However, Indy local channels 008-01 and 023-01 don’t have the guide data - they simply state “WISH removed CW8”. Can someone connected to the Dish tech team or the DIRT team pass this along?
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    I'm just curious how common is "moving"?

    The boss wouldn’t want to put up another dish pointed at 77W... c’est la vie!
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    I'm just curious how common is "moving"?

    If the spot beam that covered Louisville would hit Indy, I’d “move” in a heartbeat. Get Indy locals over OTA and then be able to watch my UofL Cards as well.
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    DISH and Cox Media Group reach agreement

    What I’m unsure of is which of those stations are actually in the Northwest...