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    Good thing there are two arcs.

    Hi MikeD. Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the great specific detail you gave me. You put me on the right track and saved me a lot of time. I won't say I didn't struggle just a bit, but none-the-less I did get everything going. Thank you again for your help!!
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    License Deactivation

    Hi. I've seen several prior posts on this subject, and no one seems to have the correct answer. My phone was reset to factory settings before I deactivated my DishPro license. I've tried everything that could be done on my phone itself, but it seems that the license must be deactivated by...
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    Good thing there are two arcs.

    Hi MikeD-C05. Your topic about the two arcs caught my interest. I’m down here in Pharr, Texas trying to set up a Dish Network 1000.2 HD Eastern Arc antenna for the 61.5 and 72.7 satellites. I was able to find 61.5 without a problem, but I’m having trouble locating 72.7. Looking at the...