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    Which receiver do I need for samsung Q80T?

    The difference in picture quality between the Fox NFL broadcasts on Thursday night on 4K is like night and day. I'm not sure what you want them to expand as far as 4K They carry everything that's available and there's no extra charge for it. I have no complaints.
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    No more auto renew on NFLST or is this article BS?

    There are consumer protection laws regarding this kind of thing. Again, this is about the many subs that were just given ST without requesting it. That is much different than calling in and asking for it. In my experience, when I did call and was successful I was always told it would auto-renew...
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    No more auto renew on NFLST or is this article BS?

    Many of us received Sunday Ticket this year free of charge without asking for it. That is way different than people calling and asking for deals and getting it for free. There's no way it's going to auto renew for a fee. ATT would find themselves in some serious hot water if they tried that.
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    Which receiver do I need for samsung Q80T?

    If you want to watch DTV 4K, you'll need a C61K to go along with the HR54. There will be a monthly charge for it and I don't know if it kicks in a new contract. If you can live without it, you're all set.
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    Local Ads on National Channels? Since When?

    Been that way for years. The way I understand it is that the ads are downloaded to the DVR and then inserted from there.
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    DirecTV ditches cheapest plan for new subscribers

    NEW SUBSCRIBERS! Are they forcing current subs to move to a higher tier? No. I don't see what you are worried about.
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    Did Stankey Just Say AT&T Doesn’t Need DTV?

    ATT is a publicly traded company. Any statements made by Stankey are going to be made very, very carefully. I'm not sure what people are expecting but you're not going to get anything detailed unless it's already pretty much carved in stone, especially with technology that can change so quickly.
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    Looks like they came down on the price of HBO with the addition of HBOmax

    I just called and was told that anyone paying full price for HBO ($17.99) will automatically have that price adjusted down to $14.99.
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    Why does AT&T offer DirecTV and a traditional TV service? (AT&T TV)

    No, that is NOT what they're doing with Directv. ATT TV is a streaming service but has a dedicated device. Completely different service.
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    Free NFL/ST?

    Same here. Just got my bill and it shows NFL ST MAX. Not counting on anything since it's four months until the season starts...and that's if it starts on time or at all.
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    HS 17

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    Is AT&T gutting DIRECTV?

    Time will tell but time also marches on. Technology changes and companies that don't change with it die. Instead of worrying about losing something, I'd prefer to get excited about things to come.
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    Altitude Sports Network (Channel 681 Dropped)

    Just sub to the out of market package (Center Ice / League Pass both include the streaming packages), use a VPN and stream the damn games. End of problem. Yeah, it's a bit of gray area, but it's not like anyone's stealing anything that way.
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    Look, I get the fact that some folks are upset about the way things are going but again, ATT is in business for one thing and one thing make money...and they are doing just that. You can't look at the number of video subs any more than measuring the success of ATT based on landline...
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    DirecTV loses 1.2 million customers

    Nothing shocking here. This is a conscious decision by ATT to let non-profitable video subs walk.