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    OTA Adapter

    I wanted to tell people about my absurd experience with Dish when I tried to buy their OTA adapter back in November. As noted, I bought the AirTV Dual Tuner Adapter.
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    OTA Adapter

    Back in November I read on this site that 2 of my locals could be lost to a contract dispute, so I called Dish about getting the Dish 2 tuner adapter. As I remember, they would not sell me the adapter, but for $150 they could come to my house and install the adapter. I explained that I already...
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    Opinions on an OTA setup

    Do you have broadband internet? If so, you have options to get programming that way.
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    Nexstar Media Group forces blackout of nearly 5.4 million DISH customers

    Let's do some math. $1,000,000,000/5,400,000 customers = $185+ per customer asked by Nexstar. If this is for 36 months, then Nexstar is asking Dish to charge an average of over $5 per month to each Dish customer who currently has channels blacked out. I have both the local Fox and CBS...
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    CBS Hopping

    My previous programs on the EHD do not show protected status. Today, the two programs that I moved to the EHD yesterday no longer show protected status! So it's back to normal.
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    CBS Hopping

    Those two programs are auto hopped for me. It is odd that my H3 timers aren't set to protect them, but when I looked at them on my external hard drive where I moved them, they are protected. I'm the only person in the house, so Dish software must be responsible for changing them to protected...
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    Movie reviews not working?

    Yeah, they've been gone for a few weeks. I chatted with Dish on their website and it was a known issue. I have a Hopper 3 and PTAT auto hop stopped working as of May 18th. This was also a known issue. I hope other customers contact Dish so that they fix these issues.
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    External hard drive for dish hopper?

    Dish says USB powered hard drives aren't supported and 2 TB is the maximum size supported. I have a Hopper 3 and bought a USB powered WD Easystore 2 TB portable hard drive from Best Buy back in 2018. It has worked just fine. I also bought a USB hub that can be powered if needed. So far, I...
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    Downgrading to Welcome Pack?

    I have the Welcome Pack. My account shows I can add Heartland Pack, Outdoor Pack + Premium channels + Fox Soccer Plus, Dog TV, Racetrack TV + Latino Live Streaming channels + Midnight Lounge channels. I didn't see Star And Stripes Pack and National Action Pack listed. Flex Pack channel packs...
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    Local Fox channel guide data wrong.

    There's another thread about the Super Bowl that suggested setting up a manual timer for the OTA channel. I'd give that a try.
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    Hopper 3 misssed recordings

    Thanks, this suggestion helped me watch 2 episodes of a different program that disappeared from my Hopper 3, but were available on Dish Anywhere.
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    Arghhh, I am so frustrated with the H3 timers situation

    I just accessed from my PC, selected DVR, then My Timers. I was able to get a list of timers, but it only listed timers than are scheduled to record something in the next 8.5 days. Edit: It also includes scheduled but skipped timers. It is printable, but my 2nd page over...
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    Hopper with Sling Old UI Software Version S545 is Here

    I got it April 14th around 3 AM as well. Not Happy about it. I had 3 black screen reboot events in 24 hours on the 15th. 2 black screen reboot events on the Sunday, the 16th. Not sure it's the new update, since I've had a black screen reboot occur a couple of times before over the last few...
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    Justice Central

    Sorry about that. I've never watched the channel and needed to read the thread more carefully.
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    Justice Central

    It's channel 252 (SD, not HD) in "My Channels" guide in my Welcome Pack.