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    Unbundle ESPN

    "Pit spitting" and "marble racing" last week, Korean baseball this week. Six games a week through the regular season. ESPN Finds a Sport – Will Air South Korean Baseball Games Manual timer set for tonight, 10 PM Pacific.
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    Channel Request OAN

    You must have a special Roku box. On mine it's $4.99 a month. And if it ever does show up on Dish, IMO, it'll be in the mostly redundant News Pack, in order to make it slightly less so. Or maybe in the News Pack and as a separate add-on for $5 a month, like The Blaze was.
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    SLING TV gives America free 14-day 'quarantine offer'

    Sling is now offering "happy hour". Free Sling Blue every night between 5pm and midnight ET. SLING TV reinvents happy hour with free primetime TV through daily 'Happy Hour Across America'
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    When did DISH start offering discounts on movie pack again?

    Went into my programming. Cancelled Movie Pack. Redeemed offer. Saved 5 bucks. Thanks OP!
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    Hopper 3

    Oh boy! A list your first receiver thread! 3000, October 1996, right after the price dropped from $500 to $300. Dish replace it in January '98 when they bricked a bunch of them during an update.
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    My Dish Experience

    OK, after 51 posts, I think I have the answer, but not the solution to the OP's problem. Bozeman20 is watching FOX on KWYB-LD, a low power repeater of KWYB, Butte, owned by the Cowles Company of Spokane, WA. KWYB's main channel is an ABC affiliate airing in 720p on 28-1 It has two sub-channels...
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    [Massachusetts] Herstige Rock Station Sold to EMF

    Sad to see it go. Back in the day (1972 to 1977), I would frequently drive between South Jersey and Central Maine. What a blowtorch of a signal it had! I would tune in just east of Hartford and listen all the way to the cheap liquor store in Portsmouth NH. Enjoyed the view of the xmitter...
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    Local Fox channel guide data wrong.

    Without NBC (and local) listings, manual recordings are the only option on KHQ 006-01. I emailed KHQ a few years ago, but never got a response. I have also had a couple of instances of recording errors with the Hopper 3 where I set up a recording on the primary channel (say KXLY 004-01) and...
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    Has DISH Lost it ways?

    They want to make sure you know what you're missing. ;) back at cha.
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    Local Fox channel guide data wrong.

    Apparently, Dish does. Especially if, as you say, Dish uses the Data from Rovi, which is available if you pony up 12 bucks a month.
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    Local Fox channel guide data wrong.

    So I guess NBC is considered a "lesser local sub-channel" in the Spokane market?
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    Channel 540, 4k

    Your Fox affiliate must have started a dispute during the game. :)
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    Local Fox channel guide data wrong.

    ....and it's not only sub channels. The OTA guide info for the NBC affiliate in my market, Spokane, has had nothing but "KHQ-HD" on channel 006-01 for at least the past six years. On the other hand, their sub channel "SWX", has complete and accurate listings. Ironically, the very sub channel...
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    Channel 540, 4k

    Yeah, no kidding charlesrchell. But the set up feed is entertaining. Reminds me of the old days watching C band.....but in 4K and no sparkles.:)