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    HR2x / HR34 External Hard Drive FYI/Support (eSATA)

    Has anyone tried or heard of someone trying the following: Seagate 1 TB USB 2.0/eSATA/FireWire FreeAgent Pro External Hard Drive Part # : ST310005FPA1E3-RK
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    GRAND PRIZE - DishStore.NET Giveaway!

    Very nice prize, Thanks Claude Bob
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    guide info off air-what do these channels have in common

    I checked my guide this morning and seen the same thing on most of the channels listed in this post, I tried watching about six of the channels and on everyone of the six I got a black screen and after about 10 seconds it came up with the box that says acquiring satellite signal which continued...
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    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Beverly, Massachusetts United States Of America
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    Boston ABC WCVB Channel 5 PQ

    I checked the channel this morning after reading the post and notice how bad it is on both my 622 and 625 receivers and then I called DISH to report the problem.
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    Two Dishpro Plus Seperators

    Thanks guys for the help...
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    Two Dishpro Plus Seperators

    I did a search and unless I missed something I was not able to locate this kind of question: Is it possible to connect (1) ViP622 and (1) DISH Player-DVR 625 to a Dish500 "POINTED AT 110/119" that has a Dishpro Plus Twin LNBF and a second dish "POINTED AT 61.5" that has a Dishpro (single or...
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    HR10-250 Banner Display

    Under System Information it says the software version is 3.1.5e-01-2-357
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    HR10-250 Banner Display

    The following maybe a crazy question, but what the heck, I like asking crazy questions. Look at the attached pictures, you will see that to the left of the time and channel number there is a colored logo related to the channel, are these logos suppose to display on the HR10-250 and if they are...