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    CE's for the Weekend of 10.15

    My HR22 has downloaded software 0x43b successfully.
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    HR20/21/22/23 CE Release 4/2

    I kept the CE and simply reprogrammed all my series recordings. I was pretty much able to recapture the lost network recordings online. It was more of a hassle than a total loss. I would never go back to NR unless I couldn't operate the receiver myself. I'll probably roll the dice and take...
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    HR20/21/22/23 CE Release 4/2

    It's funny that these risks are brought up this week. Laast week for the 1st time since I've been doing these CE, all this occurred: recordings made after CE, recordings played back since CE, Series Manager entries and the To Do list This was a first for me as I've never had my Series...
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    CE's for the weekend of 3.26

    With this friday night's update, I ended up losing all recording from the last few days(older ones were untouched) and all my future series recordings were erased (15 shows). While I've heard of this happening to others, this is the 1st time it's happened to me. For what it's worth. HR22-100...
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    HR2X & R22 CE Release for the Weekend of 11/20 v.037E

    Did a soft reboot and 037E popped right up. Oh well if the 1st time you don't succeed,,,,, :cool: Cheers, Robin
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    HR2X & R22 CE Release for the Weekend of 11/20 v.037E

    Not for the HR20-100,,, at 11:30pm I started the download and in 5 minutes now, I got nothing,,, still searching for new software. :confused: It's never taken this long before.:rolleyes: Cheers, Robin
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    HR20 CE Release x2FC 4/17

    Yea, I went back to the NR software before the Boston Celtic game but will probably try downloading the CE again tonite, just to see if these issues pop up again sunday. Cheers, Robin
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    HR20 CE Release x2FC 4/17

    LOL, mine's doing it again as I type, at least 3 times that I know of. On the good side, this is a quick 1-2 minute or so recycling that's going on here, it's not a complete 10 minute reboot. Cheers, Robin
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    HR20 CE Release x2FC 4/17

    I downloaded 2fc last night at 12:33am only to have the unit auto reboot at 2:00am and then again sometime this morning. I can always tell when the unit has done this as I shut the circular light off after each reboot. These auto reboots didn't affect the 2fc download though. I don't remember...
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    Special Thursday Night CE 2/12 (Alert: 2nd Chance Friday)

    So how do we know if the HR20-100 will be included in tonites download? I just barely got the nationally released 0x2b0 last nite and I'd hate to lose it cuz I tried downloading software that's not available for my receiver. Thanks. Cheers, Robin
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    HR2x / R22 (-200&-700 only) CE Release 2/6 0x02D0

    Likewise with my HR20-100. I didn't catch the revision til after the fact.
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    Updated DirecTV HD Locals Launch Schedule: November->March (And PBS Launches)

    You can add Burlington, Vermont to the list of locals that are now available. It's the 1st time since I had an antenna in 1985 that I've gotten network channels. I've always gotten the national network channels that were available on either C-Band or Directv. Now I have my locals and in HD...
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    DirecTV Widgets Testing

    Well I already have sports updates on my computer and it ain't worth squat. That said, anything would be an improvement and one can only dream that it'll be up to ESPN standards. :D Cheers, Robin
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    DirecTV Widgets Testing

    I hope DirecTv has sports widgets,,, , maybe like uptodate sport scoreboards/ I'm in @ 443. Cheers, /Robin
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    HR20 / HR21 / HR22 / R22 CE Release 9/5

    No issues from this download and the missing guide scrolling marker and misplaced recording perameters that I had after last weeks downlaod are gone. Cheers, Robin