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    External hard drive

    It is a bios trigger in the firmware for drive, nothing to do with the contents of the drive.
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    External hard drive

    Not that big of a deal since hard drives are designed for a MTBF of >100,000 hours... the sleep mode is more for energy savings.
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    I have been holding off on upgrading. Finally, on Thanksgiving, I figured I would see what the deal was. So I messaged Dish through Facebook to see what upgrading would run. I needed 2 Hoppers with Sling and 4 joeys. After messaging back and forth over a couple hours while getting everything...
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    External hard drive

    Seagate drives have a utility that you can turn that function off with. Just hook up the drive to your pc and run the utility to switch off sleep mode.
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    DISH Opens Hopper DVR Platform to Select Mobile App Developers

    Any movement of the apps for android? Still does not seem to transfer or use explorer on android.
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    2/13/2013 1:17am - Uplink Activity Report - 433 changes

    6360(12) - WHYY [MPEG4 HD] added to Echostar12 61.5W TP 01 Spotbeam 5 (Mkt:Philadelphia, PA-Wilmington, DE-PBS) (A) (H) 6361(57) - WPSG [MPEG4 HD] added to Echostar12 61.5W TP 01 Spotbeam 5 (Mkt:Philadelphia, PA-Philadelphia, PA-CW) (A) (H) Halleluiah! Finally!!!!!
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    3d hdtv

    FWIW: I just got a 3D tv not too long ago. While shopping for it, I looked at all the technologies and if you are a stickler for PQ as I am, you will want to go plasma with active glasses. I got the Samsung 7000 series (59") and it looks awesome. The LCD and LED Tvs with the passive glasses...
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    Dish artifact issue...

    Ok, I pinned it down to what must be an issue with the encoder at dish.. It was driving me crazy all night making me think my new tv is messed up. I was seeing this horizontal artifact line across the middle of the screen only where there was movement in that area. But if only occurs on FoxHD -...
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    DISH Network Retailer Chat Recap - "Hopper Special" - 2/16/2012

    I would be going from: HD/SD (2TV) Receiver 14.00 HD/SD (2TV) Receiver 14.00 HD/SD (2TV) DVR Receiver 17.00 DVR Service 6.00 HD Receiver 7.00 Total: 58.00 / mo. fees... I will need 2 hoppers and 4 joeys (6 total tvs) and I am on AT250. So what will it cost to upgrade and what will my...
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    The CW in HD?

    Big markets first my A$$. I'm in Phila market. Top 5. no PBS or CW.
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    Wait.. You mean if the primetime anytime is recording the 'Big4' on 1 tuner, if you have 2 hoppers you could be recording 9 shows simultaneously (1 hopper recording the big 4 + 2 other channels and the other hopper recording 3 more. 4+2+3=9!)?! And be able to watch any one from anywhere in the...
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    Scott's Snooki Sighting

    You need a trojan to go anywhere near her page...
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    Dish Remote Access Android App Help

    I just got my wife a new droid phone and she found the DRA app and loaded it.. I have 2 622s that the app sees, I can see the guides, recordings, etc.. when I try to play a recording it asks for the DVR password, where is that? Do I need a sling device attached to them or don't they just do this...
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    Yay! And for those arguing about whether or not to close the thread.. welcome to America.. if you don't want to talk about it any more, then don't. those who wish to, can. Why must everyone bend to one person / group's will? And we wonder why there is so much war and conflict.. Live and let...