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    Dish vs Space X

    From what I've read the antennas have been designed for very easy installation-no pro install needed.Personally I'm on Charter but live in a state(VT) where many people could benefit if Spacelink is anywhere near to be as good as advertised.
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    Dish vs Space X

    In light of today's finalization of the boost deal I found this interesting.Almost like Dish doesn't want rural customers to have broadband access.
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    What will happen if Dish and DirecTV merge?

    I sold both Sirius and XM pre merger from the Radio Shack I managed in northern VT.I had a lot more complaints about XM stations dropping than Sirius.I was told that XM used much lower satellites(at least for us) so it wouldn't take much since our roads tend to follow river valleys.If they are...
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    Any way to get decent deal these days? Has "Dish'n it up" been dumped down the drain?

    No you need to call retention-it's a special number.Maybe someone can post(feeling too lazy to search myself).Also unless things have changed you can take the discount or the price lock-not both.
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    Channel Request OAN

    Sort of reminds me of a musical artist that I'm a fan of.He just doesn't do social media although he does have a website where he will be glad to answer any question. There are a couple of fan FB sites with his name in them that are for his fans.Cracks me up every time some one posts how he...
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    New HD is here

    The boxes for TV antennas at Radio Shack always said"Color TV antenna" just so people would know it wasn't just for B&W.
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Should have researched first.Hulu is 5.1 but only a certain devices.I would have assumed that Hulu would be 5.1 on all Rokus but evidently not.We got an Ultra last November-I assume that would work.
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    PQ D!SH vs Netflix

    Really?We had that dollar for a year deal and no 5.1 was my biggest gripe(among others-but for a buck you can't complain too much.)We use a stand alone Roku.
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    Any other seniors w/ problems cashing in free monthly movie certificates?

    That sounds like she was reading a script from 2003.FULL DISCLOSURE I might have ordered a PPV movie once from Dish.Maybe.
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    Dish, Mission Sign Temporary Pact Due to Coronavirus

    Fantastic!Late afternoon naps with Judge Judy buzzing in the background are back!
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    No guide data after repack

    My local PBS had the same issue with their 4 channels-it took a couple of weeks for all 4 channels to get right. Because it was the first time I rescanned in a while I also picked up a bunch of NH PBS channels I didn't have before.2 of those channels still don't have data.
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    No signal to my pathway asked to satellite by dish

    Nope-"lose" is spelled correctly
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    TCM response re Closed Captioning

    Actually just for grins I tried last night on TCM and it doesn't work- other channels do work.I have a 622 and it's set to 0.Don't see a provider setting.I get gibberish.
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    Dish /T-Mobile

    I wish ATT still sold microcells-half the time I have to remember to turn wifi calling back on after leaving the house and then returning on my Galaxy s7.My wife's Note 4 is even worse with wifi calling.Perhaps newer models are better.
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    Dish /T-Mobile

    T Mobile has very little(if any) coverage in Vermont also. ATT and Verizon dominate. ATT benefitted by taking over all the Unicell towers in Vermont-Bernie helped with the deal because his nephew wanted an iphone which you could only get on ATT at that time.(I made that part up :) ).