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    WCAX -WPTZ off air due to transmitter fire

    Good to know-they were down at 6.Bodes well for a quick repair of WCAX.
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    WCAX -WPTZ off air due to transmitter fire

    Those few people in VT,upstate NY,parts of Canada and parts of NH who watch these 2 channels using Dish AND read this forum the reason the channels are off the air is the transmitter on top of Mt Mansfield caught fire at 3pm.Comcast unaffected.Don't know about Direct TV.Found the info on the...
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    NFL Red Zone

    When I called a few weeks ago to renew my loyalty discount I asked if they could throw in red Zone for free .They said yes until January.Best part is it's auto disconnected.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Which is more likely-Fox asked for more money or Dish asked to pay less money?In any case I'm glad I have a computer hooked up to the tv.Amazing what you can find on the intrawebs with not much effort.
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    DISH, DirecTV to merge?

    As a former long time Radio Shack mgr we sold both Sirius and XM.It seemed to me that XM customers had more reception issues ie station cutting in and out.I attributed that to the XM satellite(s) being closer to the horizon.Vermont has lots of valleys.I never did research to see if my instinct...
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    Dish is very busy anytime you call or chat Why?

    Your mileage may vary.I did a chat just 2 days ago and got picked up right away.To solve my problem I needed a certain Dish phone number.Once I had phone number I was on hold for 10 minutes(I timed it).
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    I've lost closed captioning on TCM. Am I alone?

    Years ago I was watching a live football game with both sound and cc.One of the backs had a breakaway run and the announcer is saying "he's at the 40,the thirty the twenty the ten Touchdown!"Meanwhile the poor CC operator is trying to keep until he ended up just mashing the keys and spewing...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    I would guess as long as they can make money they will continue.After that they will probably sell that division to some company that will feast on it's bones.Call it Blockbuster /Sears.
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    I want to good bye dishnetwork

    As long as you don't use "loose" for " lose" and "mute" for "moot" I won't loose my mind. :)
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    I remember listening to an interview (probably on NPR) with I believe the CEO of Netflix. At the time DVD by mail was the thing and I think Netflix online was just beginning.Anyways the thing I remember is him saying something to the effect "Our company name is Netflix and not dvds by mail for a...
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    ViP receiver screensaver nothing but Hopper advertisements now

    Have a 622.99 percent sure I started seeing the Hopper info on the screensaver when this thread was started.Never would have noticed otherwise.Would upgrade if fee was say $10 instead of $22.There's only 2 of us so TV2 is just used for watching the 11 pm news.It gets much more use as a second timer.
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    Will the new Court TV be carried on Dish?

    Yes-As I said it is on Roku.It's their website that's conflicted.
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    Will the new Court TV be carried on Dish?

    It is on the Roku-full screen and all that. Their website seems confused on the issue however. It told me that Roku wasn't carrying it and I should tell Roku to carry it.Meanwhile there is a Roku logo at the bottom of the screen. Companies are so sloppy these days.
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    Smart TV versus Streaming Stick

    Sorry-I assumed you had a computer-my mistake.
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    Smart TV versus Streaming Stick

    Have you tried Plex on your Roku for playing ripped movies?