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    usa dish network in mexico

    Mexican state of Oaxaca way south for a regular satellite footprint all though there are work arounds :eureka
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    Wally and Pathway X2 not working.

    Hi: Unless you are using a low quality coax cable longer than 25Ft from the dish to the receiver For stationary use only Includes 25 ft coaxial cable link to the pathway x2 antenna
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    Skip blowing in tonight!!!!

    No Suppa Bowl Players ? I meant channel 6 ?
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    Shaw Direct 60E vs. 75E for use in Cabo, Mexico

    Contact Baja South Satellite Arturo he is down in Cabo (624)191-8097
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    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced Satellite Meter Thanks
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    USA to Mexico

    You are right,but most people get away using they're equipment from the US in Mexico The Mexican FCC = Cofetel has not enforced the law for residential users in many parts of Mexico Many years ago they did it in the C-Band days making all the Hotels & Resorts in Mexico to discontinued using...
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    Hopper 3 and international

    I Did an Install with a Hopper3 & 2 Joey2 with International Channels with 2 HD Turbo Dishes Back in October 2016 Customer has an Italian Package and 4 Orbital Slots 110,118.7,119 & 129 Satellite 118.7 is Combined at the Sat Input Port of the Hybrid LNB The Installation is Near to...
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    DIRECTV Is Starting to Downplay Satellite in Favor of DIRECTV NOW

    There is a rural service ATT 500GB WHPI /AT&T Unlimited Plus Multi Line or look at the ZTE Mobley Hotspot
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    Just kicked Nagrastar out of my office

    One of those vans was heading to Mexico from Arizona,poor old Dixie
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    Very bad Directv install issue

    Happens all the time when we help customers with other minor issues not related to the contract work Electrical problems ? Call an Electrician Wifi problems ? Call Geez Squad And the list goes on and on....... I found the following comments on the net I am a satellite installation...
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    HD Direct TV @ 2nd home in Mexico

    He is incorrect as you know first hand experience that your D12 works in RP Just look around for all the American Bars and Restaurants they have American Satellite Equipment in RP You get your locals channels out of Phoenix and that market use an SL-3 LNB either SWM LNB or Legacy LNB will work...