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    am fm radio for the visual impaired =sangean model pr-d17

    Sounds like a good buy. I'm not as knowledgeable about products for the visually impaired.
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    [Other Topic] What's your take on early Christmas Programming?

    Although I agree with after Thanksgiving, the Halloween fanatics are pulling the same stunt lately, beginning in mid-summer. Now, they aren't playing music or shows all summer long, but they is a grassroots on social media to start emphasizing Halloween at the end of July and Beginning of August.
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    HBO Is Back!

    AT&T got greedy, and Dish told them to pound sand. If this was 30 years ago, Dish would be bound to go out of buisness without HBO and Cinemax. They don't nearly hold the same clout that they once held. Streaming apps and more competition beyond that of Showtime/The Movie Channel and Encore led...
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    [Massachusetts] Herstige Rock Station Sold to EMF

    Well. It looks like WAAF's 50 years as a rock station are done. Personally, I hate when they say how the format will continue on HD Radio. That's just a national playlist of the songs with a...
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    Dish /T-Mobile

    T-Mobile has good coverage in most of New England (excluding Maine). I left T-Mobile for a family plan on AT&T, only because at the time AT&T and T-Mobile were planning a merger. If I only knew that wouldn't have gone through, I would have forced her to come to T-Mobile instead of me joining her...
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    NESN Still Missing

    On the Flex Pack with the regional action pack. I'm getting NESN fine. What's your circumstances?
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    Dish customer support trying to switch customer to DirectTV??

    No Dish rep would ever try to get a customer to switch to DirecTV. Must have been a similar number or satellite retailer. Sounds like similar to those numbers that unsuspecting people call because their computer said that there was a virus on a webpage.
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    DISH Statement on Apollo Group Management

    Honesty, if I spot it on WFXT, I'll take a picture of it and find out who I should send it to. You can't reneg on an existing contract. If I could, I'd have no more mortgage and college loans.
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    Apollo cuts DISH customer access to local stations in 10 markets

    Sorry to those affected. I'm glad the court told Appollo to take a hike with the Cox stations. At least stupidity wasn't able to reign supreme. Anyone one of us with a satellite tv, cable tv, or cellphone contract, try telling the company that you're selling your service to someone else, so the...
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    will the free snap ever be available to customers

    This is why I was happy to be a guinea pig for Dish. Thanks to them and Scott for including me in that test run. Might not be perfect, but it's a million times better than how my Hopper 1 was since the UI update. Honestly, $10 to $15 on Ebay is well worth the price.
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    DISH Statement on Apollo Group Management

    So there is an agreement for the Cox media stations? I never knew that when a station is sold, they can reneg on a deal that already exists. Well then, my question is how low is the IQ of the decision makers at this company?
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    Spectrum obviously gets its signal through a different means. I'm always interested in the different delivery methods of channels.
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    Are these two shows on on any channel on any of my providers?

    King of the Hill used to be on Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network, if I am correct. Not sure if you checked there.
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    Cox Media running channel scrolls for Dish Dispute

    That's your choice. My issue is not with people choosing to pay for locals if they want to. My wife also wants PTAT, as I previously stated. So, I too pay the $12.00 charge for locals. My stance however is that the station owners charging these fees causes subscription hikes and is just not...
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    Cox Media running channel scrolls for Dish Dispute

    They charge their customers because owners of local stations complained that they should be compensated. You spun around in a circle to end up making a collection of loaded statements that contradict each other. This was done all while becoming condescending with me, for the purpose of being...