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    I love Dish but can no longer justify it.

    That would be a good idea. SlingTV isn’t a bad way to go and is generally cheaper than many other options. One thing I really like about Dish is all of the flexibility it offers you to shave $$ off your bill. Locals are optional, the Dish Anywhere app on FireTV allows you to cut Joeys, and the...
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    I love Dish but can no longer justify it.

    I agree. I tried Slingtv for a few years but the prices on it and all of the streaming services keep rising. They’ll soon catch up to the cost of Dish. That’s why I think Dish’s hardware charges are where they’ll have problems and squeezed. I already own streaming devices so it’s no cost for me...
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    I love Dish but can no longer justify it.

    I’m in the same boat. Love Dish (been with them since 1999) and the Hopper but the equipment fees are hurting them. We are trying out Fubo on the side to see if we like it. The dropping of Root Sports pushed us into looking at options.
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    Flex Pack Options

    I’m trying out the flex pack. A couple of questions: 1) I’ve read that add-on “channel” packs can be added/removed without penalty and are prorated for the time you had it. Is that still true and does it apply to all add-on packages. There was a comment made a year ago on some other post that...
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    ROOT SPORTS, fuboTV Announce Distribution Agreement

    We’re trying out Fubo for 3 months mostly to get Root Sports which Dish dropped. But the picture quality is not particularly good. Wondering if others have experienced the same thing.
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    Returning Joey We Don’t Use Anymore

    Where do you buy one?
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    Returning Joey We Don’t Use Anymore

    That helps. It’s a leased Joey 2.0. I don’t see anything standout online for deactivating it so I’m guessing I’ll need to call. How does the return process work? Also, if I want to get another Joey in the future, how much is it costing now to do that? Would a technician have to come out to for...
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    Returning Joey We Don’t Use Anymore

    I have a wired Joey in a room we don’t use anymore and was thinking of saving myself $7/month by “deactivating” it. Can I deactivate it online? I seem to recall paying Dish $50 for it. If true, is it mine to keep or do I need to return it? I don’t know if that was an activation fee I might...
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    RSN's Continue to Fall - Dish drops AT&T Sportsnets

    Funny that Dish is talking about the RSN business model being broken when it’s Dish’s overall business model that also seems in jeopardy. Take away live sports and all your left with is a bunch of channels with syndicated programming I can stream or OTA broadcast channels I can get via an...
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    Fox looks horrible

    I have also noticed a lot of variability over the years in the HD quality amongst many of the networks when watching football games. Often it’s grainy. It seems to be most common with the main camera angles that show the live play action. Other close up angles from different cameras often look...
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    hbo max adding on

    I’m debating whether to take that deal right now. The 50% off deal ($7.50/ month) is only for 6 months, you don’t get the HBO channels on Dish, and you can’t record anything to DVR. I like to record movies from the Dish movie channels to help insulate me for when I don’t subscribe to the...
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    Does HBO $12 Offer End Today?

    Just curious, does the $12/month offer for HBO end today when the free preview ends? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    EHD Not Working

    My EHD I’ve had for a number of years is not showing up in the DVR section. I have 2 EHDs and the other one is working fine. I tried swapping out the USB cable, resetting the Hopper 3 receiver, unplugging the EHD, and unplugging the receiver. No luck with any of those. Any ideas on additional...
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    HBO is BACK on DISH

    I like how streaming channels appear to be better integrated into the EPG. I’ve been thinking for a long time they should do this more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sirius Premier Upgrade = XM All Access?

    Mine updated too. Now it shows “XM Music and Entertainment” under the Lifetime Plan as well as “Sirius Premier Upgrade” also under the Lifetime Plan. Based on your definitions above, I’m assuming the “Sirius Premier Upgrade” adds on SAT and streaming for the remaining channels? Sent from my...