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    Dish shuts down Slingbox - Will brick all devices by 2022

    Here is a link to an interesting article I just read: Dish shuts down Slingbox In the article, Dish said Slingbox has been discontinued "to make room for new innovative products so that we can continue to serve our customers in the best way possible," but it added that it wouldn't be releasing...
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    FCC Retrans Fines

    Wow! The FCC is finally starting to act on this issue. If they did more of this, maybe the stations will think twice about pulling channels and charging unreasonable fees.
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    On Demand "Watch Now" vs "Watch Later"

    Maybe Dish does the download only after determining that you do not have sufficient bandwidth to watch on the fly? That is just me speculating. I don't know how it really works. I do know that on my HWS it no longer downloads, it streams on the fly.
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    On Demand "Watch Now" vs "Watch Later"

    I don't remember exactly when it changed, but it was not recent. It has been that way for quite a while.
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    On Demand "Watch Now" vs "Watch Later"

    It is not just the VIPs. My HWS used to download and store (which worked better), but now it doesn't. Dish must have changed the software at some point.
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    Watch recorded content on PC laptop?

    I would add that Microsoft's Edge browser also works with Dish Anywhere (because it is Chromium based).
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    DISH just lost a 20 year customer.....

    I agree that Dish's billing system software most likely will not allow the customer service agent to add the loyal customer discount back, however, the mistake was made by Dish customer service, so Dish is responsible for the issue (and should correct it). OK, they can't add back the loyal...
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    DVR Shows That Are Not There or......

    There was a problem a couple of months ago, where Dish Anywhere was showing recordings and TV stations from other people's accounts. That problem has been fixed, but maybe, because your box was owned by someone else, you are seeing their old recordings? I have been a Dish customer for a long...
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    Now that you mentioned it, I think you are correct. Does anyone know for sure?
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    Yes, the original remains intact. My understanding is that 'Prepare for mobile' makes a separate copy that is optimized for mobile devices.
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    'Prepare for mobile' makes a separate copy of the show that is optimized for mobile devices. The file size, bitrate, and resolution are optimized for mobile devices. If you are going to transmit copies of the show to your mobile devices, it saves time to leave it on. Then it will do that in the...
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    Hopper turning on TV in middle of night

    I'm with you on that one!
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    Is DishAnywhere really as bad as I read?

    As Scott wrote above, the new Dish Anywhere was really bad when it first came out, but I have to agree that it is much better now. Although the old version had some features that are missing in the new app, it is now functional and fairly reliable. Like you, I had abandoned Dish Anywhere, but...
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    What direction should the antenna be pointing for the EA?

    Years ago, when I had a new roof installed, I switched my satellite dish from the roof to a pole mount. My installation went exactly as NYDutch described it in his post above. Dish did not charge me because I was a long time customer.
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    Just signed up for service

    Another downside... Sometimes, when Dish offers a promotion or incentive to its customers, the offer does not apply to customers that are on a 3rd party plan (because they are already on a bundling package that is supported and administered by the 3rd party company, not Dish).