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    HBO out?

    Thur at 9 am CENTRAL is anyone else HBO out? Wants me to subscribe to HBO , when I get it free.I am chatting now with ATT but so far they have no idea. So far ATT says I get HBO max I had till today got free HBO via Directv because of me att cell acc? Maybe some thing new starts today? Well I...
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    HBO out?

    see other post
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    Corona News Mix channel on 200

    thanks wish they leave it on all the time
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    NFL in 4K HDR YES

    Thought this is old news maybe not. FIRST TIME - PRO FOOTBALL IN 4K HDR! For the first time ever, DIRECTV has pro football in 4K HDR, with life-like picture quality, richer colors and four times the resolution of HD. Make sure to tune in on September 26th to catch Philadelphia at Green Bay on...
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    ATT TV live in 10 cities

    Looks like started today for 10 cities. ATT TV AT&T TV: Live TV, DVR, On Demand, Apps & Voice Control One thing I dont understand or see what if i want this new service on multi SETS. I assume their box connects and is used by 1 TV only. Would our other sets in the house have to use some ATT TV...
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    No NBC or MNT in Austin Market...

    Same WEHT ABC Evansville,IN
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    US OPEN mix channel

    Well sorry to all,my son YELLED at me reset the hr54, I did all ch are now on.Strange.
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    US OPEN mix channel

    Any one notice the Golfs US open mix ch is on ch 205,however nothing on ch 702,703,704 or 705 all off?Off if you click any of them.
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    PGA GOLF 4k pic quality

    no on the box, i have to check models but again ch 104 is fine on BOTH samsungs it is just ch 105 so poor.
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    PGA GOLF 4k pic quality

    Must be my Samsung set but ch 703 is so much better than CH 105. Greens are so DULL for me on 4 k feed. CH 104 is just fine. Is this just me? HR54/200 C61K-700 Pic on 104 fine Pic on 105 POOR QUALITY washed out colors No reverse LNB I will add I checked our other Samsung Tv its on 4k via rvu...
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    DIRECTV to Air Blue Planet II In 4K

    its in the guide at 11:30pm central tonite I guess Direct cant show it at the same time as the networks.
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    New Guide UI now rolling out (plus HDR support!)

    To determine whether a 4K TV model supports HDR, select the Display option via the Settings section of the DIRECTV system menu screen. From there, go to the TV Color section and then select Test TV. The DIRECTV system will then test the TV and show whether it supports HDR content. This screen...
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    On Demand not downloading.

    I know this will be very Odd I went out last nite and my son messed around what he did was reset HR54 AND our samsung TV. WOW I now have on demand back. Why resetting TV had anything to do with it.
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    On Demand not downloading.

    same issue I have had for months talked to them last nite many have this issue still. No on demand for months..
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    DIRECTV to Air 25 MLB Games In 4K (With a Catch)

    How does game look tonite? Blacked out here bummer.