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  • voomvoom, i see that you have a wave frontier dish in your pic on some message post. i have a t-90 and was hoping you can help me. i am having a hell of a time hitting galaxy 18 @ 123degrees. i want to the the free english channels which appear to be locals from around the country. i am using a cw800s receiver. when i bought my dish it came with 3 lnbs (m20) used for dtv and dishnetwork. i turned around and bought a z20L which is supposed to be for galaxy 18. for allignment purposes only... i have one end of the t90 pointing to nim1 and the other end pointing to echo 7. this tells me that i am lined up right. now i should be able to hit any satellites on that plain. so i added my new z20 in and placed it close to the lnb pointing at echo 7 at 119degrees. I should be very close to that for 123degrees. Now is my problem. i can not get a signal to save my life. i am using tp 11720 and freq 10750. i have this single lnb plugged directly in to the receiver. there are no diseqc switches involved here. i have the right lnb set. what might i be doing wrong. i really want to hit galaxy 18 at 123 degrees. i would really appreciate any help. thank you
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