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    2013 Ram 1500 cannot refresh Sirius channels.

    Not sure but I was experiencing the same issues. Each tv I got in my car a update was in process, then finally would not work. Car battery was going, after replacement Sirius radio in my Lincoln worked fine again. May want to check this out. Hope this helps you.
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    Fox local channel no longer on Dish

    I'm trying the complain to your Congress man route. But so far few try this and complaining will get nothing done. All local channels owners (in my opinion) are super greedy. They know you will complain and pay even more. Thank you representative for that law back in 1992. Satellite/cable...
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    Repack Dates For Washington DC Market

    Large trees every where. I'm in a valley, at the foot of the mountain. Did not expect any thing but guess I was lucky.
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    Repack Dates For Washington DC Market

    Hey, in reply to having issues with WDVM/WMPT, I live less than 2 miles from the towers site and pick them up with a paper clip inserted in the antenna Jack. At your range should not need much.