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    Locast update

    Locast has a "White Paper" about the law and their niche within the law. I am attaching it - great read!
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    Roku may lose YouTubeTV access

    I like their menu system - it beats Fire TV hands down. IHO Bob
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    Poll: Fire Stick or Roku?

    I Love the Audio buttons on the side - I can always find them in a dark room.
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    Orby TV - Chapter 11 Details

    Ink jets with the bulk tanks are cheaper then the laser jets now. I have both by Brother and the newest one - the ink that came with the printer is good for 7,500 pages.
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    Orby TV - Chapter 11 Details

    Looking at the creditors list a quick addition - 55 million dollars!
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    Locast News (Additions, changes, etc)

    GREAT! We've been waiting. Just setup a monthly donation. Bob
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    Refund from Best Buy?

    Who will tell the buyers?
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    New to fta.

    The Orby LNB is fixed - the Skew is set by rotating the dish.
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    New to fta.

    I have tested the Orby dish/LNB on a FTA receiver - it does both H & V.
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    OTA Signal Meter

    Channel Master has a new OTA signal strength meter -
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    Miss my Orby...

    So far $99 / month
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    If I Don't Need Local Channel Antenna....

    You are good to go - If you have no need for a diplexer - then you will have less line loss. Fewer connections - just better!
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    If I Don't Need Local Channel Antenna....

    Correct - don't need the diplexer.