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    Any deals to get free Sunday Ticket this year?

    This morning I was able to get the ST Max for free plus $60 off for 12 months. I did this via a long chat process where I was connected to the "account management team" by the normal chat person. I did have to mention that I will need to look at canceling due to costs and job issues.
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    That is what I thought! Thanks for confirming.
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    Ok, I am going to ask a dumb question so please forgive me up front. I have DIRECTV sat service, would there be any reason to subscribe to the DTVN as well? Would I gain anything? I don't plan on dropping the sat service as I require Sunday Ticket. Thanks
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    Why did you choose DirecTV over Dish?

    Quality and Sunday Ticket!
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    Full Streaming Coming September 8th

    This is great news!
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    NFL Sunday ticket deals/offers 2016...

    I was able to get the Sunday Ticket for free plus an additional $40 off monthly bill. This is on top of the $35 month savings I already had. It took a few calls to get the right person to talk with. I told them that my contract expires in Sept and plan to cancel at that time but wanted to know...