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    Yet another commitment question

    Hate to ask the question with all the handy charts, but it seams that D* any time you cough you extend your commitment 2 yrs.... I have just left Dish and paid an ETF to switch to FIOS, and now I am working on my parents account. They have had D* for 14 months and when they got their...
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    Dish Network Right sizing?

    On another forum folks were talking about dish offering "right sizing" I want to ditch one of my 222ks for a 211k due to new pricing but dont want to pay any fees or contract extension a sort of DishiinitDown ... It sounds like mid march this option came out... Anyone know of this or done it...
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    Returning DUO receivers for SOLOs

    I meant E* had D* on the brain!!! One final question, if I buy the solo receiver, whats the deal with the smart cards? My 222k that I am leasing does not have one (the "built in" one is still in use) Will e* send me a new smart card? I am sure that comes with a price! I am thinking buying...
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    Returning DUO receivers for SOLOs

    So now the question is... Can I return one of my leased 222ks without any heartburn from D*?
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    Returning DUO receivers for SOLOs

    is d* or comcastic or vz still giving you $$$ to buy you out of your contract and switch? I would let D* buy me out!:)
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    Returning DUO receivers for SOLOs

    I have two VIP222K duo receivers. Now that dish is raping me on the prices I want to drop down to TWO receivers total (Two solos for my two HD tvs) and abandon the dual tuners and the associated fees Can I do this without getting screwed into a contract extension ?- Thanx
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    HD Only Packages

    Im not getting fox news either
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    TurboHD Gold/DishAmerica Gold - No new HDs?

    Folks: Did some searching but wanted to confirm that I got double left in the dark with these new channels 1st) Because I get my HDs off 61.5 2nd) Because Dish did not add ANY channels to the old Turbo/DishAmerica packages... Was going to call dish and get them to come out and do...