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  1. ClarkGable

    722K Sound Issue

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the audio issue apparently was just the symptom of our receiver kicking the bucket. The receiver developed other issues in the next two weeks, including screen freezing, a zombie-like state where it would respond to nothing but unplugging, a 981 error message boot...
  2. ClarkGable

    Long hold times on dish????

    Called tech support Thursday night around 9:30 PM EDT for ongoing 722K issues. Was on hold for 30 minutes. Ended up speaking to a tech support staffer with a very thick accent that made communications difficult. Had to follow up with same problem yesterday morning about 8:30 AM and got right...
  3. ClarkGable

    722K Sound Issue

    Thanks for your help, Sam. While the first occurrence was during prime time, last night's incident was very late. My wife had trouble sleeping, so she turned on TV2 around 2:30 AM and there was no sound. Sound (on TV1 HDMI) was fine when we went to bed around 10 PM.
  4. ClarkGable

    722K Sound Issue

    Just wondering if anyone else using older receivers has experienced this.... We have a refurb 722K that Dish sent to replace a dead unit earlier this year. Twice within the past month, the sound stopped working. On one occasion, the DVR was recording a show. The sound was fine on what was...
  5. ClarkGable

    Fox Regional Sports Networks Block DISH and Sling TV Customers

    I have been looking at Hulu+Live TV a little bit. With them, we would receive the pulled two Fox Sports Ohio channels plus two Detroit Fox Sports channels. The ESPN channels are there, too. Only downside is you need reliable internet service and speed to stream. Fortunately, we have decent...
  6. ClarkGable

    722k done?

    Our 722K went bad a few months ago, and we received a refurbished 722K from Dish. They did try to steer us toward a Hopper Duo, but with the Joey for our old SD TV in the other room, it would have added $10 to our bill each month. They did want our dead 722 back because they said it was obsolete.
  7. ClarkGable

    Local ABC contract

    Local Nexstar is WANE 15 in Fort Wayne, IN. They are putting a crawl on the screen about how "Your friends and ours are missing all the great programming on WANE 15. Help your friends and ours by calling Directv and tell them to bring back WANE 15." Interesting tactic of recruiting viewers who...
  8. ClarkGable

    New Fee To Add Joey

    If you've had a 722 for a long time like us, your DVR fee is $7. Maybe that was grandfathered from the 625 we had before that? The Hopper Duo raises that to $10, plus the Joey for TV 2 adds $7 more. My bill would increase $10 per month in that scenario.
  9. ClarkGable

    VIP722K to Hopper Duo Questions

    Our 722K died last Saturday. We were offered the Hopper Duo as an upgrade, but were told we'd need a Joey for our SD TV 2. The rep said it would be an extra $10 per month on our bill. We are still at $7.00 for the 722K DVR service and I didn't want the added cost, so I opted for the 722K. I...
  10. ClarkGable

    New Customer Offer--- Encore not included.

    Encore is listed in America's Top 250 - America’s Top 250 Package | DISH
  11. ClarkGable

    Well, we just lost KTIV Channel 4/NBC from Sioux City, IA

    A different receiver will add more per month to our bill. Besides, the 722K is perfect for our needs (1 HDTV and one SDTV). Just wished the OTA worked like it used to. Being retired on a fixed income with increased out-of-pocket medical expenses makes watching expenses necessary. I'm not sure...
  12. ClarkGable

    Well, we just lost KTIV Channel 4/NBC from Sioux City, IA

    We lost our NBC and ABC affiliates (owned by the same company) in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday. That same company also owns the CW station, which has been "removed" for the past two months. I pay $12 for locals, which figures to be $2.40 per channel for each of the five locals I should receive...
  13. ClarkGable

    Has Dish Network been better at channel disputes lately?

    Here in Podunk, home DSL starts at 20 Mbs for basic service.
  14. ClarkGable

    What did The Dish loyalty department offer you to stay?

    We recently got $35 off per month for 12 months, plus 3 free months of HBO and Cinemax.
  15. ClarkGable

    Guide Info Stinks!

    I don't enjoy the truncated program descriptions on our 722K.
  16. ClarkGable

    Ncaa hoops PQ

    Our local CBS affiliate had horrible PQ both OTA and on Dish during the WVU-Notre Dame game. Picture would become briefly clear and then get blurry (pixilating) until they finally lost the feed for the final three minutes of the game!
  17. ClarkGable

    Dish Home Protection Plans Changes 3/23

    Just out of curiosity - how much does it cost to get a defective receiver replaced without the protection plan?
  18. ClarkGable

    Is my ota adapter for vip22k defective

    We have the problem every once in a while. I posted this a while back, and folks told me it is a known bug is the 722K software when you hove the OTA adapter installed. They also said that Dish isn't too interested in correcting it. On the signal loss screen, we get an error in the top right of...