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  1. sethwell

    Will you pay a premium for an iPhone 8 (X)?

    9 times out of 10 UPS delivers around 12-2 here at my house, didn’t get a time window for this one so I worked out in the yard. I guess I was out in the shop when he came by and I missed the driver that came at 10:30!! So I get to wait until Monday. Guess I’ll hang the presigned delivery paper...
  2. sethwell

    Will you pay a premium for an iPhone 8 (X)?

    Mine just popped up as leaving Louisville hopefully hitting Little Rock, AR then to me tomorrow at sometime. Almost here
  3. sethwell

    Hopper3, black screen, no audio, then reboots

    For the last week my Hopper3 has been going to a black screen(live or DVR), with no audio, then after 5-10 seconds it reboots. No error messages are given. On the joeys it just says the signal loss error when the Hopper reboots. I've done red button resets and power cord reset after it happens...
  4. sethwell

    Hopper 3 remote - how do I skip ahead 8 hours on guide?

    Also holding the skip forward/backward button down will jump 24 hours. I'd forgotten the 722 could skip how ever many hours you wanted it to.
  5. sethwell

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    Which is dumb because us with Dish aren't seeing the story.
  6. sethwell

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    "And until Tribune Media — which, it should be noted, divorced the Chicago Tribune and other publishing businesses in August 2014 "
  7. sethwell

    Tribune Broadcasting Company Blacks Out DISH Customers in 33 Markets;

    Go to and put in your address and see if you're even in an area that can benefit from a large outdoor antenna. also has a good tool to help you figure out what signals you can receive OTA. No sense going and getting a large antenna if it won't work.
  8. sethwell

    Dish Customer Service Still sucks

    Next time use DIRT.
  9. sethwell

    Carbon UI Suggestions Thread

    Well that creates a timer with a long alpha/numeric number then a colon and the game title. If you check the timer schedule then it shows nothing set to record. However, if you search for "Arkansas Razorbacks", for example, then it breaks out all the different sports they are playing. I selected...
  10. sethwell

    Carbon UI Suggestions Thread

    Did we lose "Seek and Record" timers? Don't see any option to create one.
  11. sethwell

    HBO-Cinemax Special

    From the "DISH price increase" thread.
  12. sethwell

    DISH 2016 CES Press Event

    Scott will the Carbon UI be released to current Hoppers before the Hopper3 ships? And should we wait to upgrade until our current Hoppers/HWS get the Carbon UI? I'd hate to go restore my timers and the new UI can't read the old data.
  13. sethwell

    need some help on something with my hopper with sling

    Allen, many users here have stated that they use a "super soaker" type water gun filled with hot water to clear their dishes. If you have one you might use that first before breaking out the ladder in the snow. Hope you get it cleared off.
  14. sethwell


    Got 528 on Wednesday I think and Tuesday night my Hopper remote worked all commands for my HDTV(RCA LED55C55R120Q). I go to swap inputs tonight and my remotes were in limited mode which they had previously not been in before. Turned that off and hit the TV mode button, input, and then tried to...
  15. sethwell

    what are these dishes?

    If you have a magic side of the road like I do here then just place them next to your trash and they will disappear. Anything metal disappears within minutes! :D:D
  16. sethwell

    spotify is asking for your help with something

    Dish/echostar should develop a stand alone media device like a Roku/AppleTV and house all the Hoppers apps on it. Give it hdmi pass through ability so that the user can use it with the Hopper on the same input. This way those subs who want the extra apps/features can have them and the...
  17. sethwell

    Starz losing subs battle with Ergen looms

    I have seen a couple commercials a day the past week about Starz and to call and get it for half off for six months.
  18. sethwell

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    I think Glenn is still alive. Nick's dead body on top of him being ripped apart. Now here is what has me wondering something. Nick commits suicide so does his blood and guts still turn to zombie blood and guts in such a short time so that Glenn is bathed in "camouflage"? Glenn and Rick as...
  19. sethwell

    How to repair fascia after dish removal

    My Lowe's had that on sale or was getting rid of it, probably going to a 9.1 oz tube instead of 10 and it was 75% off!! I bought three cases! 1.06/tube! Goes up great and cleans up with a little mineral spirits.
  20. sethwell

    How to repair fascia after dish removal

    I'd squeeze a few dabs of a solvent based/polyurethane sealant/caulking in the holes too before putting them back in as well.