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    DirecTV Price Increase Effective 2/27/08

    I 've had it for about a month and like it just as well as D*. The 1 Hd is true for now but 2HD streams will be up by 2nd qtr 2008. Not really a issue not because we have 2 HD sets but they are rarely on at the same time. The SD is great also. You can record 1HD and 3SD at once while watching a...
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    DirecTV Price Increase Effective 2/27/08

    Not for everyone. ATT Uverse's equalivent to the Premier with all premiums.HD pack, sports pack and internet (3mb down and 1mb up) for $129/mo. No this is not a promo price.
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    Sync is way off help!!!

    I've noticed that too. Very annoying!!!!!
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    remote code for Sylvania

    Anyone have the remote code for model#LC370ss8?I've tried all the codes in remote setup and did a code search without sucess.
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    Directtv with out contract?

    As long as the ebay box was not from a authorized D* dealer and you can get it activated you would not have to agree a 2yr contract.
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    multi room distribute? possible

    You''need multiple receivers and the HD DVR can record 2 shows at once
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    HDNet suing D* over package move

    So what now? Will D* move forward with it's HD pack? If they do and lose in court will they dissolve the HD pack and be subjected to issuing refunds to anyone who subscribed to the HD pack?
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    I meant move on as i get over it. It's not in the near future and posting daily is not gone to make it happen any sooner.Sorry if you took offense personally but the only post I see are from New Yorker's.
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    A&E Suspends 'Bounty Hunter' Duane 'Dog' Chapman for Racial Slur

    Service his dumb @ss right! How stupid can you be to F'up a good paying job over your racist views.
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    What is the BFD about MSGHD? It's not even available to all! Move on please!
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    Is It A Bad Thing That ScoBuck Is So Quiet?

    Yeah ask WMD's!:eek:
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    HR20-100 {CE:09:02} - 0x1B? Announcement

    just to follow up and things worked like a functions similar to tivo's season pass
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    HR20-100 {CE:09:02} - 0x1B? Announcement

    Yeagh i've seen some post too that others have taken a while. Hopefully mine won't since the internet hook was quick and work on the first test. I should be ok on my download speed at 4Mbps.
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    HR20-100 {CE:09:02} - 0x1B? Announcement

    Gotcha. I'll give it a try this evening. Thought I did something wrong since the system check for connection comes back ok. thanks.
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    HR20-100 {CE:09:02} - 0x1B? Announcement

    Where do you put(request) that at?
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    HR20-100 {CE:09:02} - 0x1B? Announcement

    Once the new version is downloaded and network connection is made, how long before the VOD button appears? I downloaded 019B and made test via internet and everything is good but no VOD option anywhere.Nor channel 1000.
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    DOD very slow

    Is the USB port on the HR20 enabled to use a wireless adapter to connect to a wireless router?
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    Want HD DVR, need help getting it for $99

    Where is the scam my friend? when the topic title says for $99. That is definately not a scam but trying to save $$$.
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    Want HD DVR, need help getting it for $99

    I actually got mine for free. They initially wanted $199 but gave me a credit of $100 on my account and I was to pay $99 . I came back on their " Win Back promo" and they were to waive the S/H of $20 but when I saw the invoice online it hadn't been waived. So, I called to have that correct but...
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    Will Directv give free HD locals ?

    Yeah, but I'd be pi$$ed if I were a D* Sunday Ticket subscriber. How can they offer the Sunday Ticket for $100 for the season and justify the $280 for US subscribers. Sounds like a big case of subsidy to me.