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    Pure Speculation

    I'm posting this here because I don't want to cause an avalanche on the main page. Today at work, I saw a most interesting thing. Customers that purchased their equipment had credits placed on their accounts that roughly matched the price of their recievers. The more receivers on the account...
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    It's yours

    Recently released update: Voom is releasing all ownership of the receivers to the customers, ie: it's yours to keep. No word on purchased receivers yet.
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    Thank you from Voom CSR's

    It's been a long bumpy ride for most of us and this is not the end that we all expected to see. I, for one, expected to see C. Dolan pull a rabbit out of the hat, still do for that matter but, it won't be soon enough to save a lot of peoples jobs. It's been an interesting job, starting with...