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    canceled service on Monday

    I canceled service on Monday after almost 3yrs. Tried to get a deal to stay. They wouldnt do anything. So after chatting with csr and phone calls. No offers worth for staying. Got two phones since then. Wed wasnt available to answer the call and left no message on answering machine. Then last...
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    dish and cable

    have a 622 and basic cable comes with internet. Is there a way to use one coaxial to combine and receive both signals. I have one coaxial cable I ran upstairs. The Condo I live in was built as apt and no cable connections upstairs.So I have been using it for tv2. But I have a tivo I moved...
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    best offer?

    what is the best offer you have got when trying to cancel the service with or without a commitment. Still trying to decide to stay or go back to comcast since I am having phone service with comcast installed the 21st of June. Already have internet with them. My partner is complaining about...
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    dish america pkgs

    Now I noticed when you login to your acct and change programming they are listed. But when you click on more info just take you to the dish website and doesnt give you more info. I wish they would fix that. Anyway I did find two sites that list the dish america pkg but both have different...
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    Dish temp pause acct

    Having uverse installed and instead of canceling dish all together. I put the acct on hold in case I have a connection problem with the service since I had dsl service before with ATT and it would go out every time it got hot out. They gave me two options since I have the service plan. $5...
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    dish website

    Now I noticed the website under hd has the new channels added to the pkg. If you scroll to the btm as before it list the platinum pkg channels as 11 channels incl the 2 new ones indie and retro. I thought before they added the two there was 11 already. They must have moved 2 a different pkg...
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    repointing 110 and 119

    I just checked I think I may be able to repoint my 119 and 110 dish setup to the ea 72.7 and 77. Just a few ?s . Do I need to disconnect the 61.5 wing dish first before moving the 119/110 . I believe both dish 500 are dish pro and not legacy dishes. On the 119/110 dish i checked using the...
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    dish 500

    Currently have a dish 500 seeing 119 and 110. A sec swing dish 61.5. Using a 622. Since today they launched the new hd from 72.7. Could you just move the dish 500 pointed at 119 and 110.To the 72.7 and 77 location?
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    Bundled services and Dish

    I have dish for tv,comcast for internet, and att for home phone. I checked the bundled services of the comcast and att. In my area the att services can be bundled with directv or the u-verse services. Neither bundled services is really cheaper once the initial period is over. They both run ads...
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    turbo standalone pkg

    It looks like the website they did away with them. I figured that might have happened . The pkg showing are now more simple. Just add hd for $10 and get the platinum hd channels incl for free.
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    rumored channels

    The 3 rumored channels that was posted here about a wk ago. Do you think they will show up today being that tommorrow is the first. Cause except CI I dont remember other hd channels being added on the weekend. I really dont watch bbc, qvc, forgot what the third is suppose to be.
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    Leased Equipment

    My 12 months credit ran out for the insurance for the leased equipment. I would like the opinion of this board. Is it worth keeping for $5.99 a month?Thanks for any replies in advance. John 3:16