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    At9 Antenna info please?

    Have ordered the H20 receiver from DirecTV. They will install the new AT9 antenna next week. The mounting post rail on my deck is 5 inches wide. Made up of one 4X4 post plus a 2X4 post nail together. I needed that width for the older 3 LNB antenna mounting pad bolt holes to fit. My question is...
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    Pansat 6000 Question

    Is there a way to delete just one satellite and/or just the channels on that SAT, without doing a factory reset? I want to blind scan the SAT. Will that just add duplicate channels? Or will it just overwrite the channel list? Thanks
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    Two Receivers-/one splitter?

    I would like to run two Pansat 3500s receivers. Only run one at a time. Can I split the signal and if so, with what? Would the two units have to stay in sync regarding what Satellite was used last? I did a search but could not find the information I required. Thanks JackR Pansat 3500A...
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    LNB setting?

    I just installed the Invacom QPH-031 LNB. Can anyone tell me the correct LNB TYPE setting to use. Using the STANDARD setting I get LNB Local-freq- 10750. Using the SINGLE STACK setting I get LNB Local-freq- 10750(V)/10175(H). Equipment: Pansat 3500S Motor SG2100 Invacom QPH-031...
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    LNB Change over

    I have the new Invacom QPH-031 LNB that I plan on replacing the Invacom SNH-031 with. Should I do a reset before changing or just plan on changing the setting for each satellite, one at a time? Any other pit falls I should look out for? Thanks Jack
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    Finding AMC-6???

    I live at Lat 41.5N, Long 72W in Woodstock Ct. The Satellite due south of me is AMC-6. Is is possible to get a signal from AMC-6 with my equipment? Pansat 3500S Invacom SNH-031 Windgard 76 Antenna SG-2100 Motorized H-H Motor I have no problem picking up SBS-6 at Long 74W...