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    Trying to find a good deal for a new subscriber

    I am trying to signup my mother for dish and I am looking for a good deal. Seems has little to offer. Are there any other trusted places to get a dish? I found and they have a good deal but I never heard of them. Thanks.
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    How to point my dish at 129

    I wanted to check to see if I can pick up Voom on 129. I want to turn my 110/119 dishpro plus 500 dish to 129. How do I do that? Do I adjust the skew or evelation or just spin it around the pole toward 129? What is the best way to do this? Do I use the point dish app in the receiver? Also...
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    Can I get just the HDTV HD service

    Is it possible to get just the HD service? I have dish network now but I want my locals in HD.
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    Equipment mine or not?

    How do I know if this dish equipment is mine after the contract expires or not? I am signed up for a year deal.
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    Can't get any OTA HD

    There are no HD network broadcasts available in my area Morgantown, WV. So how do I go about getting them through dish? I current only have the Dishpro Plus 500 pointed at 119 & 110. Do I need another dish? And what channels are available OTA that I could get through dish? Thanks.
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    Is this dish 300 compat with my dishpro 500

    Is the pictured dish 300 compatible with my dishpro 500? Thanks.
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    A little help with hooking up

    I just recently got a HD receiver. I currently have a dual tuner 322 installed and working. I want to keep the 322 and add the 811. So currently I have one cable running in from my dishpro 500. I want to take the 2nd output and run it to the hd receiver. PROBLEM: I need that second output...
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    Comprehensive list of HD recievers?

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of HD receivers that will work with Dish Network / are pretty current? Thanks.
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    What is the cheapest alternative to get Voom

    I current have a Dish 500. I want to add voom but I dont want to pay $99.95 to have them install the extra dish. So what is a cheap alternative to get voom? I see the dish 1000 will do it but that is not cheap. What cheapo dish can I add to point at 61.5? Thanks.
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    Bunch of BS

    I call up dish network tonight to upgrade to HD service, thinking this should be painless. If getting ripped off is painless, it sure was. Here is the lowdown. 1) To get the channels I want it is $15/month - which is fine. 2) To get the receiver I need, I have to sign up for 2 more...