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    Dish 1000.2 and 722 replace coax barrels

    I just upgraded from a dish 500 to the dish 1000.2 and from a 625 from to a 722. I have a network rack and all the rooms' coax connections come to the server room. The dish tech replaced the coax barrels in the path from the dish to the receiver with his "special" coax barrels. His said that...
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    Win a Dish 942 HD DVR from DishStore.NET and SatelliteGuys.US!

    Packages of Candy: 55 Amount of money: $7.77
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    Coax cable selection questions

    What coax cable should I run from my satellite to my DP34 (through a ground block of course)? Should it be RG11 or RG6? I see that the Dishstore sells Commscope makes the best quality RG 6 cable anywhere! 1000ft of Commscope RG 6 Black Coax Perfect for any satellite system install...
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    Why is Dish 500 Quad LNB called Legacy?

    boba, Now that I know that I have a DP twin, I went to the site and found: The DishPro Twin LNB has 2 ouputs, it supplies a multiswitched signal from 110 and 119 to 2 IRDs it can also supply signal to DishPro Switches. DishPro SW34 The DishPro SW34 will support 4 IRDS directly, up to 3...
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    Why is Dish 500 Quad LNB called Legacy?

    My point dish dialog on my 721 says that the lnb is twin and I have no switches. It also comes up as a Dish 300, I'm not sure if that is correct or not. With this setup it sounds like I should be able to use the DP34 since my check dish shows a twin lnb. jon
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    Why is Dish 500 Quad LNB called Legacy?

    Is there a way to know if I have a Dish Pro twin or not, besides climbing up and looking at the LNB? Will the System Info screen on my 721 show me? A simple visual check of my dish yesterday showed that I only have 2 cables coming out of it. Can I still use a DP-34 if I only have 2 inputs...
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    Why is Dish 500 Quad LNB called Legacy?

    Kent, Thanks for the info. All this is starting to gel together. If I have a Dish 500 with a dual LNB, can I just buy a Legacy Quad LNB and install it on my Dish 500 or do I need to buy the dish with the Quad LNB already installed? thanks, jon
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    Why is Dish 500 Quad LNB called Legacy?

    Mike500, Thanks for the quick feedback! Where can I find a list of the new DishPro receivers that this setup would not be compatible with? What are some of the features of the SuperDish over the setup that I mentioned? thanks, jon
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    Why is Dish 500 Quad LNB called Legacy?

    I am trying to design a satellite system for my remodeled house and currently I have a Dish 500 dual system with a 721 receiver. Since I will be tearing up some walls I wanted to design a system that would support upto 4 receivers (tuners). It looked like the Dish 500 Quad LNB would work out...
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    Satellite to Mulitiswitch max distance?

    What is the max recommended distance from the Satellite to the multiswitch? What is the max recommended distance from the multiswitch to the receiver? Sorry for the simple questions, I'm just planning out a new addition to the house. thanks, SciFiGuy