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    H20 Receiver - Can I receive OTA if I cancel DirecTV

    Thank you all very much for the info. I see the notes that the H20 won't work, but I am going to try and unplug it and reset it without the satellite feed to see if it works just in case. No hurt in trying. A couple things to note to some who responded. My tv is 10 years old and does not...
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    H20 Receiver - Can I receive OTA if I cancel DirecTV

    I have an H20 model I bought about 10 years ago. I am thinking of cancelling my DirecTV subscription. I have an HD TV that does not have a tuner built in, so I rely on the receiver to get the HD signal. This receiver also has the ability to receive the OTA signal with an antenna, which I...
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    Does Anyone Know the channels associated with each transponder?

    I don't know if this is available anywhere, but if so, can someone point me in the direction of what channels are associated with each transponder? I have had many problems with losing signals, and although I have had both the dish and satellite replaced, and the signal on the transponders is...
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    Recording Directv to a pc

    Vurbano, Thank you for the update. That is not what I wanted to hear. I am a big sports fan, and when one of my teams plays in the championship, I want to record it in the best fashion I can. I was hoping there was a way.
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    Recording Directv to a pc

    I am going to be buying a new pc soon. I would like to get a pc with a Blu Ray burner with the idea that I would record tv to my pc and burn the program to a Blu Ray. Mostly I am interested in live sporting events. I have a Directv HD receiver and am trying to figure out if I can do this...
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    Will prices now come down?

    JoeSP, You are right in general about prices coming down by increased demand in your scenario, but it is not a general rule among all industries, and I don't think you meant it that way. The Chinese were supposed to be flooding the market with HD DVD players at low prices this year. If they...
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    What (allegedly) went down

    It is business. This is the way it goes. Toshiba would have done the same thing had they had the chance. This is very good insight on what happened. I think that if this had not happened, Toshiba might have won in the end, because it was apparent that the HD DVD sales of its units were...
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    Hollywood Reporter Predicts 2008 Win for Blu-ray

    If they are citing the PS3 as a major reason, that is wrong. Not sure why they make that statement when the PS3 is not bought for movies, but games. I have seen prices of the Blu Ray coming down recently, and that should make a difference in sales. Sony does want to end this soon, because the...
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    The State of HD DVD

    The reality is that sales are a drop in the bucket compared to SD DVD, and until that changes, we are really too early to tell where this is going. That said, given the issues with Sony and their technology challenges, that is a good thing for them because if the market share was larger, they...
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    BluRay vs. HDDVD usability issues.

    Don, Thank you very much for sharing your experience. It is very helpful, I think. I was at Best Buy the other day and one of the sales people there was telling me that Blu Ray is the better format. One of my co-workers said the same thing. There is a lot of confusion about this. What I am...
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    Getting OTA Locals with 5 lnb

    I need someone's expertise on this topic. I have received different answers on this topic from DTV, so at this point I am skeptical about any answer I get from them. Right now I have the 3lnb dish and use a diaplexor to get my OTA channels. I know I can using a separate line from outside...
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    Blu-ray, change strategy or lose!

    I think the article is right on. Sony does need to adjust or this is going to change direction. The numbers now don't mean as much as they will as time goes on because sales volumes will continue to rise. If Sony does not make an adjustment and makes the same mistake they did back in the 80s...
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    Blu-ray set-top players out-selling HD DVD

    If this is the case, then the battle for supremacy will last for quite a while. It may be 2 or 3 years before this is resolved.
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    OTA Antena

    I just spoke to a D* rep a couple days ago with this very question. I have the 3 lnb dish and have an OTA with a diplexor, and I am moving within a month with plans to get the 5 lnb dish. I was told by the rep that with a multiplex, I can run one cable in the house and need two outside that is...
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    Receiver Responding Slowly After Software Update

    It seems that my receiver is now responding slowly after a recent software update. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this short of calling D*?
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    HR20 and OTA signal

    I have the HR20 and have OTA. It does display the channels.
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    D* puts HD on back burner?

    I spoke to a tech guy at D*tv a couple weeks ago about my receiver not working well, and we got into a conversation about HD programming. Basically, this is what he said. There are a bunch of HD stations being tested right now and they will be implemented in the spring. We spoke at length...
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    Steelers & Jaguars

    HD vs local signal That is because the OTA was not broadcasting an HD feed. They were broadcasting on a digital channel, but the picture was SD. I also compared the two and I could tell it was SD. The picture was not 16X9, it was a stretched 4X3.
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    Is Anyone Worried We Might Not Get 150 HD Channels

    I have been reading lately that Murdoch is thinking of selling a major stake in DirecTV because he is frustrated he is not getting broadband, among other things. What concerns me is that next year the new birds are supposed to go up and then the number of HD national channels will expand...
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    Mlb In Hd ????

    There was a delay in one game last summer and ESPN picked up teh NESN HD feed. Wow, what a difference from SD. It was just a taste, but I am hoping we see more this year. I suspect, though, from what I have been reading, that it will be 2007 before we see that type of stuff on a consistent basis.