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    VOD in 1080P60????

    1080p60 would be a pointless waste of bandwidth (over double) since most movies are only shot at 24 frames per second.
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    The Horror.... has Big Bang lost its mojo?

    i laughed my butt off last night, was great.
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    HD channels default picture in 4:3 not 16:9?

    sounds like a program not in HD issue to me...
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    i have a 311 ? HD question

    Ya, plug the receiver into your composite inputs and plug the antenna into the coaxial input.
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    i have a dish 500 and coaxible cable -HD?

    To be more specific. You will need one of the ViP series receivers (dunno why DVR was even brought into this, lol) and either a wing dish to hit either the 129 or 61.5 sats (depending on your location). Instead of a wing dish you can get a 1000.x dish for a single dish solution.
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    guide listing change for top chef

    ah, didn't realize it started last week. When my DVR didnt catch it i assumed it had not started yet.
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    guide listing change for top chef

    Just going to give people a heads up. Top chef is now listed in the guide as "Top Chef: Las Vegas" so your old timers won't catch it. Also episode 1 is not listed as new so it may miss as well if you select only to record new episodes.
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    Landlord forcing us to remove dishes from patio/balcony

    am i reading this right that the dish you are using is attached to the railing of the balcony below yours? Edit: The dish must be within your balcony. No part can hang over the rail.
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    Dumb ?: Why doesn't Dish build wifi into receivers?

    An OS and browser is a BROAD term. The 622/722 both have an OS and browser. How do you think you "browse" the dish online movies? The xbox 360 does not have a web browser yet it can stream netflix... To answer the original question though, no Dish receiver has the necessary software to stream...
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    Huge feature for Vip 922 Final Release

    the 922 will not do this... There has been a tight lipped project between echostar and microsoft having to do with media center extender type stuff but i don't know if that will go anywhere.
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    Nascar 2009

    anyone slinging the race that i could snag? :P
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    Dish no longer BBB Member

    I am in 100% agreement with this one.
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    We want to show our appreciation!?

    they are offering it to people in contract as well. Seems like they are just trying to hold on to people at this point.
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    Send signal to HD Monitor

    For me for a bedroom TV it also needs a sleep timer.
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    W7 warning - Trend Micro AV

    Wow, not to rain on anyones parade, but you could not pay me to run norton 360, Trend micro, or Mcafee... They use so many resources and try to take over your computer, it is horrible. I suggest NOD 32
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    Uplink Tool Change Log & Behind the scenes at the Uplink PC

    when will we get an RSS feed straight from the uplink pc? :P
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    Postcard from Dish Retention

    i got it too, still have about a year left in my contract. Debating on taking them up on it (since i am already apaying for those channels). The only downside is that I only have one hdtv and already have an HD box for it. Would it be beneficial to take the HD box upgrade and move the EA or just...
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    DVD movies to IPOD Transfer Software Needed

    AnyDVD plus CloneDVD mobile... best combo out there (also does bluray)
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    How much internet usage used if I plug in ethernet cable?

    as has already been said, unless YOU download something, it should be very very little usage per month (defenately less than a meg)
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    Need Help Connecting Wet54G to 722

    Can't promise that this will work 100% but i was able to get the installer started. 1) Right click on setup.exe and go to properties. 2) Click on compatibility tab at the top. 3) Make sure the check box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" 4) Make sure windows xp is selected from...