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    Thinking of leaving D*TV for Dish Network

    After my last experence with Direct TV I am getting a little ticked and with my contract up in August I am thinking of leaving them. 3 times now I have been told that I would have a supervisor call me and they have not called me yet. Since I have Cingular Wireless, ATT Lan line phones, and DSL...
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    H20 keeps on resetting

    For about the last 2 month I have been having a problem with my H20 it is the LG model got it when the Chicago Market first got the HD locals. As you can see I am out of warrenty with it and I do not have it on the lease program. I know it has to be a software issue because when I do a hard...
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    Rest my H20 to Factory settings

    I am having some reset issues and some other problems with my H20. I know they have to be software. For some reason some stations cause more issues then other. What I can not find in my manual is how to do a reset that brings my H20 back to the factory default. I read the manual and the only...
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    New 5lnb are there many customers?

    I am just wondering when ever I go out and I am not driving for some reason I get looking at dishes. I do not know why but so far I have not seen any houses with the new 5lb setup. A lot of homes are still on the 3 lnb. I am just wondering is the 5lnb still a rare setup to see? I would think...
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    Reboot starting up again

    About a year about when then did the software upgrades for the old TIVO's mine took a dive and since it was software related they gave me a new unit for free a phillips. Last night the roob issue started again for some reason and went into this morning. I removed most of the things that I did...
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    Will I even need the 99 sat?

    I am just wondering with being in the chicago area will I need the 99 sat? Right now my signals is not to great. High 50's to low 60's but everhthing else is in the 90 and high 80's. The 99 was not running when they did they did the install. I am just wondering if I need to look at how to...
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    loosing 70's locals

    I just received a letter from D* that since I have chicago locals I am going to lose the locals that I have in the 70's for NY. I am just wondering are they cutting out the 70's for everyone or just the people who have upgraded.
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    Think FX will be in HD any time soon?

    Yea I know we just got TNT and I have to say I am very happy we do have it now. I am just wondering does anyone have a clue if FX might be in D* HD list. I have read some posts about people stating that D* is going to be adding more statations and that NG might be our next station. I would...
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    H20 upgraded downloaded but no applied?

    Well I just did the download for the H20 I did a forced update. After the upgrade I checked my menu and it still shows the old software upgrade from 12/20. What I do not get is that it downloaded the update took about 10min but it did not apply. Is there something that I am missing that make...
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    5lb dish and snow. :(

    For the first time ever with a dish I am having a huge problem with my 5 LNB dish and snow. It just gathers with out a problem even if there is a wind. With the single and 3 LNB I never had a problem but this new dish I am having a problem with it. What I am wondering is there a way for me to...