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  1. J

    622 ordeal

    Actually Charles McKay at echostar came through after 3 voivemails and 1 email. HBO was turned back on and I still have my 2-25 install.
  2. J

    622 ordeal

    I called CS on 1 Feb and immediatelty was confirmed for a VIP 622 with Dish 1000 Dish, HD Platinum programming, local channels, and installation 08-1200 on 5 Feb. I couldn't believe it when I read all of the horror stories about the VIP 622 upgrades. That is until 5 Feb rolled around. No...
  3. J

    Dish 622 and Dish 500 Dish?

    I ordered VIP622 and was told the 1000 was required/part of my install.