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    Grounding help.

    The proper way to ground the system is to the service ground,which consist of an 8' groundrod bonded to the waterservice and the grounding bar in your panel. If you ground it separately you could possibly have a differance of potential between the two grounds.That could cause arcing and damage...
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    Help installing a motorized system...

    It is easier if you use your receiver and a small TV right next to your dish to make the adjustments.The indicator on the receiver seems to work better then a signalmeter. Reinhold.
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    Reflashing fortec ultra.

    Thanks for the help.I'll try that this weekend. Reinhold.
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    Reflashing fortec ultra.

    How do I upgrade the software.I am not a computer genius.I am 72 and bought my first computer 3 years ago not knowing anything about it .I still don't know much. Thanks,Reinhold.
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    Reflashing fortec ultra.

    I am having problems woth one of my lifetime ultras.It does not always retain inputs.How can I reflash it? Reinhold.
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    22khz switch

    Since I installed the 22Khz switch(no disqc switch) I have had no problem. Reinhold.
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    SG 2100 motor.

    Thanks for all your input.I have the SM3D12 and it only goes 50Deg in either direction and I cannot pick up G10 which is at 51.something. The SG2100 will probably do fine. Thanks again,Reinhold.
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    SG 2100 motor.

    I was thinking about getting an SG2100 motor,because the SM3D12 only turns 50deg.That lets out G10 for me.The specs say it does notbrespond to USALS.Is that the case?That would be a problem for me. Any trues to that? Reinhold.
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    Aiming Dish Question

    It shoud not make any differance how high it is as long as you have a clear sightline to the sats.You are better off to take your receiver and tv out there to zero in your sats.The elevation angle of the dish is only a starting point.After that you slowly adjust the elevation up or down and turn...
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    22khz switch

    I have tried that and others.I guess you are trying to find out if the switch was simply stuck which is not the case. Reinhold.
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    22khz switch

    Sorry I did not reply earlier.I have been a little under the weather,still am. I have tried at least 4 different switches which all worked with the fortec ultra,none worked with the mercuryII. Thanks for all your efforts though. Reinhold.
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    22khz switch

    I am using the QPH 31. My connections are: QPH L to S1 for liniar QPH C to S 4 for circular .Both to the DiSQu switch to motor then to Mercury two. The other L&C from the QPh go to another 4x1 switch and from there to my Lifetime Ultra without any problem. On the Merc I have tried all kinds...
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    22khz switch

    Since I got the MercuryII now, about two month ago I have never been able to use a 4x1 disque switch.When I first installed it the rotary sats downloaded fine but no liniars.I send it back to sadoun,but the very rude technician told me there was nothing wrong with the receiver.I tried every...
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    22khz switch

    Thanks guys.Since I can't get my new Mercury II to work with a diseqc switch maybe I'll try that. Reinhold.
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    22khz switch

    Can a 22KHZ switch be used in place of a disqu switch and how. Reinhold
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    SBS6 - fixed dish?

    At my location in VA I am halfway between 74W and 79W.I use both for southern alignment.Comes in strong here.No special scew. Reinhold
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    I need help

    Once you have your dish pointed to your true south motor over to 97W using only the liniar side of your LNB peek quality on that sat.Than motor over to most west sat like 123W and maybe do some minor adjusting.Once you get quality along the belt on liniar you should now hook up everything and...
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    Dish Sizes

    Rule of thumb conversion:1"=2.5 cm 1m=100cm or about 40" Devide inches by 2.5 to get cm, multeply cm by 2.5 to get inches. This is very close. Reinhold.
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    New PBS Unlimited showing...

    What sat would that be on? Reinhold.
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    Motor question- P* to SG2100

    If you use USALS to move to the satellite,You can go to the nearset liniar even if it is a few degrees off.It will work just fine. Reinhold.