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    Directv client

    Can you set up a client to operate in the ir mode is it faster to respond that way or ir or rf don't matter I guess I'm. Wondering if either one is faster at excepting commands
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    when r we gettin more hd

    i said in the question when and r we getting any more directv told me yesterday that all the channels are basically up i don't think he has directv at home because we r missing a ton does anybody know when or heard anything
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    missing channel

    anybody not getting the country video channel 325 it says pre-empted
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    directv hd dvr

    has anyone called directv and got a good price on a hd dvr. i called and was told $99 then transfered and was told 299. i have one hr20 and 3 h20 and a 1 reg box and want to swap the reg. one for another hr20. i can get one from costco for 260 but wondering if anyone has gotten one from direct...
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    Hr20 Hddvr How To Record

    it says in the manual that u can record three shows at once or record 2 and watch 1 or any combo if record one show at 7 pm and try to record another at 7 pm it won't let me need help the directions are not good at all
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    missing channels on directv

    i've been a dish sub since day one and switched to directv for the hell of it i wanted more hd and its coming and i'll wait and the equipment offer was better i have 4 hdtv's but i was wondering why doesn't direct have all the movie channels that dish has in sd format they are missing like 4...
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    new channel

    did anyone see the advertising for the new chiller channel going to be previewed on slueth i think this weeekend isn't that the new universal channel direct is adding and i thought it was going to be in hd let me know
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    remote programming

    i have a directv hd dvr and an regular hd box in the same room but on operates a tv in another room the remotes change both boxes at the same time is there a way to change the ir codes for each remote i use ir learning remotes for my systems
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    directv h20 or h10

    i just got directv and got the h20 hd boxes, i have three need one more, is the h10 the same thing or what, i have the new 5 lnb slimline dish for the locals or mp4 ,what does the h10 box do, does it not recieve mp4, let me know the diff. i need to know what the diff is between the two recievers...
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    can i get 3 lnbs with 2 cables

    i have the dish 1000 on my roof with three lines for all three lnbs. but one line is bad the house was prewired so cable is inthe walls can i combine 2 lnbs outside at the dish and run that line to the basement seperate it again in the basement so it can go into the dp44 and still run the2nd...