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    We Really Had It Great With Voom!!

    I miss VOOM too. Do you think in 50 years we could all get together and have a party? Kind of like survivors of the Titanic ! Kind of a depressing analogy, but the best I could come up with. Hey, who was the guy telling everybody over a year ago that the DirecTV HD DVR (HR10-250) would be...
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    Dam my D* picture is horrid

    I'm missing VOOM too, but my D* HD channels look great. I think there is some psych stuff with some folks. They have convinced themselves VOOM is the best HD to the point no other HD looks as good. VOOM was the best HD because it was the most HD. Let it go. D*, and I'm sure E* HD is just fine...
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    VOOMERS already switched to another Satellite service (not Cable), happy with HD?

    I've gone to Direct. The HD PQ looks as good to me. There's just not nearly enough of it.
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    Anything is possible but in all fairness...

    The VOOM website has the Doomsday message now. I guess that's it. Sheesh!
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    Cablevision agrees to end Voom

    Farewell VOOM. Thanks to Sean and Scott for all their hard work. Geno
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    John Malone comments on VOOM

    That's right! Lets stifle those who don't agree with us! It worked so well for the communists! :D
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    FaxUpdate April 1, 2005: VOOM Shutdown Could Be Announced As Early As Today

    Please don't iterpret this as defending JL, but even as a long time VOOM supporter who doesn't agree with him much, it's obvious to the daily reader that the personal attacks on him are over the top. Calling someone retarded, or saying he's either a 4-year-old or an 88 year-old senile person...
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    Memo from VOOM Management to Emplyees

    OFF TOPIC - You can find them on eBay. ON TOPIC - All the news reports this morning are about VOOM shutting down. I've heard nothing about Charles trying to save it. This kind of reporting will kill VOOM because who would sign up hearing just that.
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    Voom can be closed down in 30 days. Is it really dead this time?

    JL brings much to the table. You should be embarrased that you'd insult him just because you don't agree with him. Is this a teen board we're on? This thread is starting to sound too much like the f'in Lifetime Network.
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    Memo from VOOM Management to Emplyees

    Just think how strange it would be to be an employee at your desk and get the two memos, one after the other. What on earth would you think?
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    Voom can be closed down in 30 days. Is it really dead this time?

    I guess I should have stated the fact that I'm in a rural non-cable area. Sorry.
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    Voom can be closed down in 30 days. Is it really dead this time?

    I hate to hear it, but I can say I'm very happy with my Directivo HD DVR. It's been flawless and completely bug free since I got it about a month ago. I recommend it highly. You better head for the stores, though. There's going to be about 30k shoppers out there looking for new service and DVRs.
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    Voom can be closed down in 30 days. Is it really dead this time?

    Have they said anything on VOOM HD News about it? That would be a strange report. It would basically be a guy saying "I'm out of a job".
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    Voom can be closed down in 30 days. Is it really dead this time?

    Very sad, indeed. Another Beta-max bites the dust.
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    DirecTV Superbowl ads

    I haven't seen mention of the Superbowl DirecTV ads. They said they were getting ready to launch satellites which would carry 1500 HD channels :eek: ! They were on just before and just after the start of the game. I thought it was pretty aggressive of them to do Superbowl ads.
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    Long time VOOMer out!

    It's the story of my life. I bought a new reel-to-reel deck a week before the 8-track decks showed up at Walgreens. I bought an 8-track the week before Mr. Wiggs offered the first cassettes for sale. I bought an auto-reverse cassette deck a week before Barney Miller's offered a CD player for...
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    Long time VOOMer out!

    I got the HR10-250. $999 at Circuit City. I might have found it cheaper elswhere, but I just wanted to get it done. I know what you mean about the HD and all. But there is too much other programming I like thats not HD, so SD is still important to me. Boy did you nail it. In some small...
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    Long time VOOMer out!

    I don't think Mel is still around here. Don't you guys remember how he used to call us stalwarts, and end about every post with BOOM! If Tarmack is Mel, his last name is definitely Ott. He was named after his uncle (I think he said uncle) who was a hall of fame baseball player. I think he was an...
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    Long time VOOMer out!

    I hated to do it. I really hated it. I installed D* with the HD DVR last Wednesday. Thursday, I called VOOM and told them to cut it off. Don't flame me. I've been through thick and thin since November of '03. When the CSR asked for a reason, I don't think he expected a tirade of what I thought...
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    Is this True?

    I've always got a paper bill and paid by check. Never by credit card. Why am I so special? :D