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    Hopper won't recognize my external hard drives

    To give everyone an update as I started this thread with harddrives showing not content. Bought a new HD same problem, got them to replace the Hopper and what do you know all three of my harddrives work perfectly. Was the Hopper all along.
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    Hopper won't recognize my external hard drives

    By the way the USB sticks are recognized just like the hard drives but like the hard drives show know content when you click on them in the DVR menu
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    Hopper won't recognize my external hard drives

    The other thing I would add to the 3 hard drives not showing content but being recognized is I have 3 USB 8 gig sticks that I have used for 2 years, I know they are not supported but truth is they have always worked flawlessly better than the expensive WD external actually, so that it is 6...
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    Hopper won't recognize my external hard drives

    My issue is a bit different, all three of my drives are WD, external drives with their own plug in power. All have worked flawlessly for over a year, I leave 2 plugged in all the time. These drives ARE RECOGNIZED by the hopper, when you plug them in you immediately get the message and they show...
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    EHD recognized but shows no content

    Spent 2 hours on the phone, first lady was power fail etc. ask for advance technical support and I could tell from the back ground noise they simply transferred me to someone else in the Philippines call center. Same run around told me they would turn it over to engineering and at some point...
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    EHD recognized but shows no content

    I should add tried all 3 USB ports, same on all three
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    EHD recognized but shows no content

    I have 4 EHDs that I have used flawlessly on multiple receivers, including the Hopper 3 which I have had about a year. Today the one I had plugged when you hit the DVR button it shows the drive however when you click on it there is not content, no empty boxes nothing, this was working yesterday...
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    Dish remote 54.0 learned codes

    I just upgraded my hopper 2 to hopper 3. So far love it. One exception on the 40.0 remote I had 4 learned codes that would allow me power up everything and do a couple of tv functions. The 54.0 shows it learns the codes but they do not work. Tried TV codes, amplifier codes, different buttons...
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    audio volume difference between tuners vip 922

    I have started to notice a difference between the audio volume levels between tuner 1 and 2 on my 922. You can set both tuners to the same channel and hit the swap button, significant difference in volume level. Anyone else ever seen this. Had the 922 for a couple of years and recently swicthed...
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    pointing dish 100.2

    That worked perfect, Thank You, 4 up, nudged it east, was one sat off
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    pointing dish 100.2

    adding a deck and moved my dish 1000.2 I aligned to 119 using foil over 110 and 129. I get 61 on 129 and 78 on 119 and all channels are fine on these 2 sats but I get wrong sat on 110 it says it is wrong sat and 129 and it is the exact same signal strength as 129 but in red of course. I reset...
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    What do I lose if I switch from 722 to 922?

    For me it is simple, I upgraded from a 622 thinking I was getting a more advanced reciever. Stability is terrible, key features the 622/722K had do not exst. The reciever has been out over one year and these are not fixed. I will wait for the next software and than move back to the 722K or...
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    "Upgraded" from VIP722 to two VIP612... now unsatisfying HD

    I have a 722 and 2-612's all three have great HD picture quality and I also have a 1000.4 dish. I also have a great outside antenna and yes the over the air quaility for locals is definetly better than the local Dish re-broadcasts, at least in Dallas. If you have the ability to hook up an...
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    where is a good place to buy dish eqpt?, bought two recieviers from them, excellent service.
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    Little surprised, but the Dish HD lils seem to look better than OTA

    I live in Dallas with a roof top antenna, hands down the OTA's are better than dish, using the dsiplay on the TV it is easy to confirm that what ever the resolution of the over the air, Dish is the same. Fox 720, abc 1080i. Still the OTA is slightly better, Dish must slightly compress the signa.
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    new 612 remote issue

    The issue was the receiver, after working with Dish more than an hour in which we tried the above suggestions multiple times they sent me a new unit. Set the frequency on the new unit per the above by hitting Sat and record, worked first try. Overall I would give Dish good marks for thier...
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    new 612 remote issue

    I just received a new 612 to replace my 508, I already have one 612 and a 622. Long story short the 6.3 uhf pro that came with the unit will not work. I was able to download and activate using a 5.3 remote off my 622. Tried the working uhfpro form my old 612 it does not work either, tried new...
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    When will the 922 be out & will I be able to watch HD on more than 1 TV?

    One option is to get an HDMI signal splitter, a good one cost 150 to 200. Both TV's will have to be used on TV1 but is cheaper than another HD DVR and saves the monthly charge.
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    Software Version 6.16

    Just for the record I live in Dallas have two 722, Had no audio or video issues (did have the auto tune issue) with 6.14, 6.15 or now 6.16, I have three 750 gig EHDs that I swap between and I throughly enjoy the folders. I have a roof antenna and frequently record on over the air channels as...
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    Dish 622/722 L6.15 Issues Thread

    I live in Denton 55 miles from the station, I have an outside antenna with amp. I have no issues of any kind with channel 4 and I record freqently on the OTA channel with no issues, I prefer it over 004-00 as it has slightly better resolution. Would like 6.15 for the EHD folders asap